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How to Dress for Swinger Parties & Events

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Swingers clubs and parties can be loads of fun and a great opportunity to socialize and get to know like-minded couples and singles. Most gatherings feature some type of theme, and there are a few key pieces to add to your wardrobe to suit these occasions. Pajama & Lingerie Parties Wardrobe Must Haves: Ladies should consider corsets, bustiers, bodysuits, thigh high stockings, garter belts, g-strings and cute panties. Men can wear sexy robes, boxers, even dress pants for a stylish look. This theme is most common at hotel takeovers, swingersRead More

5 Ways To Make Your Masturbation Sessions Sexier


Getting to the heart of the issue, no one can pleasure us better than we can pleasure ourselves when the urge strikes. While masturbation is often considered a “no-no” topic, there are times when our lover can’t be there and we crave satisfaction. Fortunately, there are ways to get off with masturbation, so here are a few techniques to keep things spicy—even if you’re flying solo. 1. Set the Mood in Your Surrounding Treat yourself like the king or queen you are and establish an ambiance similar to one you’dRead More

5 Sexy Little Known Facts About Swingers

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While many people are aware that the swingers lifestyle involves couples engaging romantically with others outside of their primary partner, many don’t understand what swingers are really all about. Here, we’ll share a few of the lesser known facts about the lifestyle that many don’t know. 1. There are Likely More People Into Swinging Than You Think The loving act of swinging is still somewhat underground in the mainstream and is often misguidedly considered taboo. Even though the practice is thought of as taboo to many, it’s more common thanRead More

Considering Swinging? Explore Commonly Asked Questions for Newbies

Entering into the world of swinging certainly brings about a number of questions that curious couples want to know. Because communication is key—especially for lifestyle newbies—we’ve compiled some of the most common questions asked by those considering the swinger scene. Q: How do vanilla couples first bring up the conversation about being swingers? A: In general, those who ultimately become swinger couples have had an interest in exploring the scene before the conversation even begins. However, one partner tends to bring up the topic in a loving and honest way.Read More

How Swingers Balance The Lifestyle & Their Vanilla World

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Swinging doesn’t have to be a full-time lifestyle. In fact, most swingers perfectly balance their sexual adventures alongside a more traditional and vanilla lifestyle. If you’re new to the community or just wondering how it’s done, this guide give you an inside look at how swingers manage to enjoy both sexual freedom and a vanilla lifestyle with ease! Swingers Never Mention It This may seem obvious, but many new swingers often worry about their friends or family knowing about their lifestyle. Yet if you think about it, has anyone everRead More

Two Tempting and Tantalizing Benefits of Edging


The concept of mastering orgasm control has mystified men for centuries, just as many women have chased the dream of having them upon command. However, how does one achieve this goal? Can it be done alone or only with a partner? We’ll answer these burning questions and much while discussing the art of edging, which is the sexual practice of metaphorically taking yourself to the ‘edge’ of orgasms before allowing yourself to climax. Why do this? Well, here are three reasons to give edging—aka peaking or surfing—a try. 1. LearnRead More

Is The Swingers Lifestyle Healthy for Relationships?

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Swingers lifestyle relationships have historically been considered taboo. However, there are quite a few couples who find that the swingers lifestyle has been more beneficial than harmful to their union. Not everyone is cut out for monogamy, so when like minded couples hook up and decide to share their love with others they often discover greater heights of pleasure that allows them to remain together in a healthy partnership. Let’s explore more about healthy relationships in the world of swinging. Swinging in a Jealousy Free Relationship The most pertinent aspectRead More

6 Lessons Swingers Can Teach Monogamous Couples About Marriage

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While the swingers lifestyle isn’t for everyone, many committed swinger couples report having happier and more fulfilling relationships. In fact, many claim that swinging ’saved’ their relationship thanks to the numerous lessons to be learned by partner swapping experiences. Here are six key lessons that swinging can bring to light. 1. Swinger Couples Have Honesty Requirements Swinging calls for an abundance of trust between participants and lying is simply not tolerated. Couples find that they become more honest and open with their feelings and desires once they enter the lifestyle.Read More

Sexting – Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Partner Engaged


Feeling a bit horny when separated from your partner? Give sexting—also known as sex texting—a try! You don’t need to be a part of a swingers club or in the lifestyle at all to partake in this form of sexy distance play. If you’re a newbie to this form of play, we offer these sexting tips and tricks to keeping it engaging. Relive a Special Memory Together Take a fast drive down memory lane by sex texting your lover with a reminder of “that time when” using arousing words. BeRead More

The Benefits of Morning Sex for Lifestyle Swinger Couples


While waking up in the morning to a cup of coffee is the biggest reward to some, having morning sex with your partner is a great way to get your day started. The morning sex drive is very real and experienced by most couples, vanilla or otherwise. Getting busy in the early morning hours right after you wake has a number of health benefits, and there’s also no denying the perks of an orgasmic day. Let’s explore a few of those remarkable (and scientifically proven) reasons why we indulge inRead More