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Is The Swingers Lifestyle Healthy for Relationships?

swingers lifestyle

Swingers lifestyle relationships have historically been considered taboo. However, there are quite a few couples who find that the swingers lifestyle has been more beneficial than harmful to their union.

Not everyone is cut out for monogamy, so when like minded couples hook up and decide to share their love with others they often discover greater heights of pleasure that allows them to remain together in a healthy partnership. Let’s explore more about healthy relationships in the world of swinging.

Swinging in a Jealousy Free Relationship

The most pertinent aspect of the swingers lifestyle is to eradicate jealousy in all forms. While it seems that fear of losing the one you love is normal, couples who don’t feel the need to keep partners all to themselves actually have a better chance of maintaining a solid connection with a primary mate. Couples who embrace monogamy seem to have a tendency to feel like their golden days are gone and they can feel ‘trapped’—which isn’t a bonus in any relationship.

Having a ‘live and let live’ mentality can actually be more grounding for those in swinging relationships. The down low according to an array of mental health professionals is that monogamous couples have a tendency to be more judgmental about sex while swinging couples are predominantly more committed and satisfied compared to their vanilla peers.

Healthy Relationships in Swinging Require Rules

Just because we love to share the one we love doesn’t mean that we don’t have a set of rules that must be followed. It takes a lot of trust to be successful in polyamorous or swinging heathly relationships, so any limitations must be defined in advance. This means that sneaking around for rendezvous, looking up potential playmates or apps, etc. is out of the question without permission from your main squeeze.

Stay Protected and Get Tested

Even if you and your swinging buddies do their best to stay free of sexually transmitted diseases, you can only be responsible for yourself. Sh*t happens, so getting routinely tested for STDs can ensure the safety that you want to honor your body with. Even when using protection, incidents can occur and sex toys might be contaminated in the heat of the moment. Stay clean and well with a combination of protection and wellness checkups that make all partners feel more at ease during engagements.

Excitement…What’s Healthier Than That?

Many monogamous couples don’t last for a lifetime simply due to boredom in the bedroom. Those who opt to participate in the swingers lifestyle tend to stay together longer and stronger than vanilla couples. Whether you delve into soft swaps, hard swaps, BDSM, hot wifing or just testing the waters out with sexy chats, it’s likely to spice up things in the bedroom and bring you closer together.

In closing, are swinging relationships healthy? It’s going to depend on how you approach it to determine that answer. Be responsible, kind, respectful and keep it clean to see where it goes!

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