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3 Ways The Swinging Lifestyle Helps With A Sexless Marriage

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There are numerous reasons why a couple might find themselves caught up in a sexless marriage or a sexless relationship with a significant other. The diminishment of sexual engagement could be the result of boredom in the bedroom, sexual dysfunction, or due to a disconnect in the relationship itself.

However, more and more psychological experts and sex therapists are helping couples open up to considering an alternative lifestyle like swinging to help them transform their relationship—in and out of the bedroom.

Essentially, swinging is a form of consensual non-monogamy relationship that can bring couples closer together by fostering trust, inciting excitement and through seeing the other partner happy in cases of sexual dissatisfaction. Those who have found themselves stuck in tepid or sexless relationships should read on to discover how the lifestyle can help resurge those flaming passions.

Voyeurism Builds Excitement

Voyeurism is a mild way to participate in an alternative lifestyle that can help restore desire between partners without having to engage with others intimately. Voyeurism is the act of watching each other or others engage in sex or sexy actions.

These can include acts of self-pleasure, strip teases, watching sexy people on the beach, heading to a voyeur club or by viewing porn together. Watching others or each other without the pressure of having sex can actually be more exciting than sex itself—especially for those out of practice or who’ve lost interest.

The Exhilaration of Exhibitionism

Sexless relationships often just need a bit of newness tossed in. Couples doing something bold and daring that is far outside their norm—and maybe even their comfort zone—can be rather exhilarating, and flowing endorphins can lead to sexual arousal. Exhibitionism literally puts couples in sexless relationships or a sexless marriage into the spotlight for other voyeurs.

The aim of exhibitionism is to allow others to view your intimate moments, which may be sexual or not. This could be walking naked on the beach, taking the stage at a swingers club, or planning a trip to a nudist colony. Just the sheer exhilaration of being ‘seen’ can bring the vigor and arousal back to the bedroom once you get home. And don’t forget, you can be exhibitionists for each other in private, too!

Soft Swapping & Full Swaps to Turn on the Heat

Want to go all in for something a bit more intense than seeing others or being seen to heat things up in the sack? Those just entering the lifestyle to get their groove back tend to start with a soft swap where there is only petting, kissing and fondling but no sex. If there is one partner more reluctant to sex than the other than the obvious participant would likely start with the ‘ready to go’ partner with a soft swap.

Ready to go all the way or allow a partner that’s in need in sex to get that satisfaction? A full swap means penetrative sex with a consensual party outside the relationship. Sometimes just seeing a lover with another is enough to make a partner realize how good they have it. Sometimes they just get so turned on they can’t help but want to make love more often again.

Threesomes and polyamory are good options for couples seeking to bring on a part-time or full-time fill in for their sexless marriage, but all situations are different.

All of these are great things to try amid the lifestyle that don’t have to involve full-time swinging or sex at all, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by thinking outside the box!

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