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How To Spot Real Swingers Personal Profile Online

Swingers Lifestyle

Some adult profiles can seem inauthentic and determining which ones are real can prove a bit more challenging — particularly when it comes to adult personals in the swingers lifestyle.

However, with these easy tips, you can more easily spot if someone you’re considering for play is truly who they say they are with intentions that match up with your own.

Pay Attention to Swinger Profile Details

Take a close look at the sexual preferences, weight, height and other pertinent details in all the swingers personals you review. Those that are incomplete or seem too good to be true should fall under careful scrutiny.

Be leery of profiles that only talk about hooking up and sex—unless that’s what you’re into. High quality content in the profile such as hobbies, habits, family and doing ‘together’ activities is likely to lead to discovering more stable couples and individuals in the swingers community versus those looking to cheat or have a quick fling.

Swingers Profile Images: Evaluating and a Few Warning Signs

Pretty much every swingers website has a place for members to post public and private images that can be viewed by other members of the site. Pay attention to the images being shared in your public profile. Be sure to crop or blur out identifying features if privacy is a top concern.

When you view photos, see how well they match up with the swingers personals description provided. Most swingers website has image protection enabled so other members cannot be added to a lookie loo’s personal collection.

While it’s smart to be cautious doling out pics, couples should be cautious of others not willing to share any pics of their own or who insist on going off platform to an IM or email. If they refuse to talk or exchange emails and photos before meeting—just say “No, thanks!” and move onto to more realistic matches. Those who don’t show themselves might simply have something to hide.

Use Swingers Websites Certification As A Guide

Not all sites have a certification process that helps verify a couple or single as being a ‘real’ swinger. Certs aren’t just indicators of proven sexcapades, but they are a good way to let other members know you’re serious about the lifestyle.

It’s a definite bonus if people you’re considering hooking up with have a few well written letters from other swingers they’ve met or have connections with other lifestyle groups to add to their merit.

The most important thing in evaluating a swingers profile is to be sure they are a good match for you and your desires. Take time to make a connection through video chats, emails and phone calls before meeting up in person. Try not to share too much information about yourself or your family until you know your play partner(s) a little better.

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