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Swingers Lifestyle Full Swap & Soft Swap Couples Explained

soft swap couples

The swingers lifestyle is all about having intimate relations with other partners outside of your primary relationship. This can include one outside party, a couple, or several people in a group sex situation.

However, at some point, swingers will typically face the question of whether they want to only do soft swaps or if they are planning to be one of the many full swap couples in the lifestyle.

What’s the difference, and which option is best for you? We’ll cover those questions here.

What is a Soft Swap and the Advantages of Participating “Softly”

Soft swap couples are common in partners who are relatively new in the swinging lifestyle. These encounters encompass a range of activities such as fondling, kissing and oral sex. However, soft swaps don’t involve any type of sexual penetration with the outside party.

There are a number of advantages of soft swapping. First, it helps newbies of the lifestyle get a feel of what the lifestyle is all about. It allows people to take it much slower and give people the chance to warm up with their new play partners. Another key perk of not having full-on sexual contact is that there is a decreased chance of jealousy in the relationship.

Some couples prefer soft swapping, as it maintains some boundaries between partners in the swinging lifestyle. As an entry level type of play, couples can evolve and eventually agree to exploring hard swaps. The only real disadvantage to soft swapping is that there is no intercourse with anyone other than partners.

Benefits of Full Swap Couples

A full swap is when penetration comes into play. This means having sex with someone that is not your main partner. Many couples are surprised to discover that they both share the fantasy of having full-on sex outside of their partnership. At this point, having full swaps isn’t a must, but it is an idea that should be put on the table and discussed.

The biggest benefit enjoyed by hard swap couple is SEX! Many are turned on by watching their partner get it on with someone else, whether it be male of female.

Either way, its best to play it safe by using condoms. Couples may also experience bouts of jealousy, especially if they feel like their partner is enjoying the sex with the outside party more than the do with their mate. Be sure to have a solid understanding and set certain ground rules to prevent these issues from spoiling a good time.

Soft or Hard Swap? The Choice is Yours!

Whether you and your partner feel more comfortable easing into sharing each other with like minded swingers or are ready to go all the way, the choice is yours. One partner may be ready while the other is not. Most importantly, don’t try to force full swaps on your significant other, and don’t even consider going there without having a deep conversation. After all, boundaries must be set firmly to avoid relationship conflicts.


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