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Open Relationships vs. Monogamy: Which One Is Right For You?


Before entering into any relationship, it’s ideal for all parties getting involved to have a  better understanding of exactly what to expect from one another. While traditional relationships tend to come with an expectation of monogamy, there are some people who may be—or find themselves interested in—having an open relationship or exploring the polyamory lifestyle.

Here, we’ll discuss the difference between monogamy and an open relationship and the pros and cons of both lifestyle options.

What Are Monogamous Relationships and the Perks of Having One?

Relationships that are defined by expectations of monogamy, whether the partners are married or just dating, require a full commitment to one another that doesn’t include romantic or sexual connections outside of their own selves. Some couples prefer this form of vanilla lifestyle because it gives them comfort in knowing someone is fully devoted to them. This concept goes hand in hand with ideal family values that are predominant in most societies and cultures.

The Ideals and Pros of an Open Relationship

An open relationship is not as common as monogamous ones are in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as fulfilling for couples, if not more so. An open relationship is one essential in which both parties are committed to each another, but they have made an agreement that sex and dating relationships outside of their own is acceptable.

This is what is also known as ethical non monogamy. The concept is that the couple retains their emotional connection while keeping a non-exclusive sex life. This can involve partner swapping or some form of polyamory, as these relationships will wholly be defined by the terms agreed upon by the couple. Many claim that some of the top benefits are greater sex-esteem and satisfaction as well as better sex within their base monogamous relationship.

Reasons to Rethink Monogamous Relationships

Because humans are designed to be curious and explorative creatures, many question how practical it may or may not be to expect complete dedication for a lifetime to another via a spiritual or official union such as marriage. When rough patches or dissatisfaction lead to temptation, the likelihood of infidelity rises.

However, with an agreement to engage in ethical non monogamy in place, a lot of issues in the future can be surpassed, and many couples actually have grown stronger in their level of satisfaction with their primary partner after an open relationship experience. Those who engage in partner swaps to fulfill temptations also report a greater sense of connection with their main squeeze.

Potential Cons of Open Relationships

Open relationships are not designed for everyone, and one of the biggest risks to participants in such arrangements is jealousy. Engaging with another person can require strict rules between base couples, and there’s always the chance that an outside fling can be viewed as a threat. These open relationships must remain ethical, open and require honesty and sensitivity by both partners.

Choosing the Right Relationship for You & Your Partner

What is the best choice for you? Monogamy or an open relationship? Only you can decide that, but going in with an open mind and open heart allows for the greatest potential for a rewarding outcome.

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