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Monogamy Is Dead: Time To Swing!


Research suggests monogamy is not worth it.

Mate swapping or most commonly known as swinging, is engaging in sexual activities to other people outside of your relationship or marriage. It has been seen by people as strange or deviant but research proved that swingers actually live a healthier and better life than the ones that are in monogamous relationships.

Who Are Swingers?

Before we get any further, let us first define swinging thoroughly. Swinging is belonging in an open relationship wherein both partners engage in sexual experimentation with another couple but still remain committed to one another. Swingers see mate swapping mainly as a social activity or recreational practice that should not be taken way too seriously.

Swinging has fueled curiosity to couples especially if they lead conventional sex lives and want to experiment with their bodies. Studies have shown that the people who are open to the concept of swinging are more frank and deliberative. This means that swingers are even more honest than the ones that are in monogamous relationships yet indulge in infidelity.

Swingers see mate swapping as a healthy practice that could strengthen their relationship with their partner. According to a recent study, swinging couples are mentally healthier compared to their monogamous peers. The same study also proved that the men and women who have had swinging relationships possess important mental health qualities that everyone should acquire for themselves.

Divorce Rate: Monogamous Couples VS. Swingers

The only reason why swingers have a much lesser chance of separating some time in the future is because of the qualities they possess. Swingers have a more abstract way of thinking compared to monogamous couples. They are also creative and most importantly, they are more adept in adjusting to changing circumstances. These traits determine the flexibility and happiness of their mental health. It is apparent that the sex life of swingers is more flexible and exciting.

Myriads of renowned therapists that specialize in the relationship issues of both monogamous and swinging couples claim that swingers are more confident with themselves and believe in their capabilities that is why they would never cheat. The other group, the monogamous couples, have more fear in them and think that their partners are going to leave them for someone else which is mainly the reason why they try to validate their self worth by sleeping with someone else. This is a very big problem that only effective communication among the couples can solve. If it is not achieved, it would eventually result to a breakage of the relationship.

If you are open to the concept of swinging, do not hesitate to tell your partner. Or better yet, let him or her read this article. Not only would it spice up both of your sex lives, but it would also improve your relationship as a couple!



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