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Exhibitionism – An Exciting & Unusual Lifestyle Sexual Kink


If the nakedness of your partner makes you feel energized, amazing inside and excited, you might be into the exhibitionists scene. There is a unique aspect of the swingers lifestyle, lets uncover the world of exhibitionism and see what it’s all about.

What is Exhibitionism?

The desire to be watched by others during sexual activity is a more common fantasy than many would think. A recent study indicates that 57% of women and 66% percent of men fantasize about having public sex or fondling each other while onlookers watch. Healthy and sex-positive, exhibitionists are simply celebrating their love for each other and eroticism in general when showing off while others sit back and take it all in.

Whether they admit it or not, it is believed that most people have a little bit of exhibitionists tendencies in them. The good news is, most sex experts find this to be normal and healthy, which shouldn’t be confused with what closed-minded people find to be some kind of mental disorder.

5 Signs You & Your Partner Might Be Great Exhibitionists

1. You fantasize about being watched. Regularly fantasizing about allowing others to watch you getting sexual gratification alone or with your partner, you might be an exhibitionist.

2. Your early memories center around your sexual self being observed. Do fantasies of being seen naked in your youth still turn you on? Exhibitionism may be running through your veins. Our erotic templates are typically formed when we are young or first see ourselves as sexual beings, and those concepts often become an integral part of what thrills and turns you on.

3. You enjoy the idea of stripping or getting into burlesque or other types of sex cultures. These are common thoughts for those who aren’t ready or into the swinging lifestyle but are more into being sexy for others rather than engaging in sex.

4. You love putting on a show for your partner and/or others. There’s nothing that brings more joy and excitement and personal arousement to exhibitionists than being seen masturbating, dancing or giving off enticing signals. Being seen is one reason that many in this lifestyle are interested in burlesque or stripping.

5. You dress sexy for yourself and to draw attention. If you like wearing tight, revealing clothes, sexy lingerie or over-the-top costumes, you might be an exhibitionist. However, different strokes for different folks means that not everyone finds the same way of dressing sexy, so just be yourself and wear what you like. That confidence alone is purely sexually attractive.

Don’t be ashamed to share your glorious self with others who enjoy watching you show off your amazingness. It’s a great way to gain and retain sexual confidence while living out your own fantasies of being seen doing your thing!