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How Can Couple Swapping Help Your Relationship?

Couple Swapping

Are you thinking of practicing couple swapping? If so, you are not alone. Couple swapping, conventionally known as wife swapping isn’t new. In fact, ancient Rome, Egypt and even tribes such as the Eskimos used to practice it as a part of their traditions.

Today, couple swapping has become popular among the swinging lifestyle and is openly accepted by most couples. More and more couples are now becoming open about their sexual desires and fantasies with their better half allowing the free practice of this concept. Also, the advancement of technology has even made it easier for couples to practice it. Even the shy couples are now able to explore their intimate desires and fantasies without having to face awkward or embarrassing situations.

Well, there is no science to it. Couple swapping has shown enormous benefits to marriage relationships that are facing problems in their sex lives.

Benefits of couple swapping

Eliminates boredom in marital sex

Couples tend to become bored and complain about sexual dissatisfaction after having sex with a single partner for several years. Couple swapping can create a desire to explore new sexual possibilities; which in many cases seem impossible to experience with the present partner. To eliminate boredom, couples may opt for couple swapping methods to get a sex partner who may satisfy their sexual cravings. In fact, this is the main reason why wife swapping has become such a popular trend and it’s better than infidelity among couples.

Marriage saver

It is reported that about 85 percent of couples involved in couple swapping experience stronger bonds with their spouses as compared to monogamous marriages. In fact, many relationship experts suggest that the swapping method is probably the best way to save any shaken marriage.

Boost sexual desire

For some men, seeing their life partners succumb to seduction from other men turns them on. They claim it to be the most erotic thing they would wish to experience in their life. By turning such wishes to a reality, you will have rejuvenated your man’s sexual desire; bringing the honeymoon atmosphere back into your marriage.

It is a recreational form

Couple swapping is also considered a recreational way for enjoying sex. Despite the many critics, this swinging lifestyle has helped improve the lives of most couples. As you may be aware, most marriages facing major issues complain of unsatisfied sexual desires which often result in divorce. But, statistics suggest that the divorce rate among swingers (people practicing couple swapping) is far less compared to non-swingers. Also, the sharing of physical intimacy with other people has been proved to be one of the most comfortable choices made by couples willing experiment.

Discourages insecurity among couples

Before consenting to couple swapping, couples involved must be in agreement. This increases trust among couples and helps to make the relationship better. In addition, it has been suggested that women tend to become fonder of their spouse after the swap thus, preventing the sense of insecurity to rear its ugly head.

These are some of the reasons why I wish to encourage couple swapping in relationship. However, I cannot ignore the fact that it comes with a few cons. Therefore, before engaging in this swinging activity, a couple should first agree and engage in the lifestyle willingly.