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Reasons for Engaging in Open Relationships

open marriage

open relationshipOpen relationships are defined as interpersonal relationships where the parties in the relationship approve that they want to be together, but also decide that they can have a romantic relationship with another person. This implies that the parties in an open relationship have two or more sexual or romantic relationships which occur at the same time and can be short-term or long-term.

Reasons for engaging in Open Relationships

There are numerous reasons why two parties may decide to enter an open relationship. They include:-

Differences between the people in a relationship.

Desire for more freedom or a diversity of sexual partners by one or both of the people in a relationship.

Distance where the people may be physically separated by long distances as the people live in different geographical zones.

Personal issues where sex with different partners can be used as a distraction from definite complications.

The desire to be in a relationship of convenience, which is not based on mutual emotion of love towards each other, but rather other factors like social or economic factors.

Sex – where sex may be more satisfactory thus the people in a relationship engage in sex more regularly than the case for an average pair.

open marriageTo ensure an efficacious open relationship, both people in the relationship need to be involved in all decisions. The parties’ needs, desires and goals need to be mirrored by the style of the open relationship that they are involved in. Open relationships can be made successful if the relationship takes longer to establish. This means that the two people develop and understand a distinct idea of want they want from the open relationship.

Details of the open relationship need to be negotiated during the communication process to ensure both parties come into agreement before starting the open relationship, thus reducing the chances of having conflicts in the relationship.

Benefits of Open Relationships

Open relationships come with numerous benefits which are:-

More fun and enjoyment for both people in the open relationship. This is facilitated by the fact that both people in the relationship can have romantic and sexual relationships with other people.

Extended freedom – more freedom is guaranteed in open relationships as both parties are free to do whatever they please.

Learning new experiences by engaging in relationships with other people.

Open relationships are casual, meaning no party in the relationship is tied down to one person thus is perfect for people in search for more fun and are not ready to settle down.

Varied Sex – sex is a vital feature of many relationships, thus open relationships ensures that both people in the relationship get exciting and varied sex with more people.

People never get bored – having sex with many other people ensures that when you are with your partner, who you have the open relationship with, you fell more freshness and more enthusiasm thus no party will get bored.

Open relationships have been proved to thrive and come with a lot of benefits to both people in the relationship. Effective communication is key in the relationship, which when done well will ensure the open relationships works successfully. Sites like Swinglifestyle are perfect for couples in an open relationship, swinging, hotwifing or even cuckolding to find sexual adventure.