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How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually In Bed



Some men look for answers to their questions on how to keep their relationship fun and exciting, but perhaps the most obvious answer is sexual satisfaction.

voyeurismSexual satisfaction is vital to the maintenance of an intimate romantic relationship. It helps to promote open communication and life happiness.

Here are some tips to help satisfy your partner.

1. Give her some time to relax and get comfortable from the stresses of the day. Maybe run your partner a bath, put on some relaxing music, inquire about her day, ask her if you can take a warm bath together, just two people connecting with no pressure for sex.

2. Help her get in the mood for some sexy time. Try a little voyeurism with some soft porn, movies or journals. This could be a great way to increase her sexual urges. Swingers love it too!

3. Stimulate her sensitive parts with a little foreplay. Set the mood with by making lots of contact with her clitoris which is located just outside the vagina and the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. This ensures she receives maximum sexual pleasure.

4. As you start to have sex make sure you give her freedom to choose what she likes. This will make her cry like a baby and beg for more.

5. Keep the sexual activity fresh by variation of rhythms to make maximum contact with most vagina’s nerve endings and changing the sex positions more often.

The majority of men usually make the assumption that they ought to take control of the sexual activity. The truth is that women have different preferences. Therefore you should learn of your woman’s preference.