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Same Room vs Separate Room When Couple Swapping

Couple Swapping

Along with threesomes, couple swapping is often a key component of relationships for those involved in the swinging lifestyle. However, there is always an underlying question that arises with each encounter: Should couples enjoy the action in the same room, or should they head to separate rooms? In short, the answer depends on the participant’s preferences. Let’s get under the sheets a bit in both scenarios and explore the differences between both experiences.

Swinging with Partners in the Same Room

Many couples enter the swinging lifestyle because they get turned on seeing their partner indulging in sexual pleasures with someone else. Other swingers simply enjoy having a group experience where the sights and sounds of pleasure beyond their own send them over the top. Some couples prefer playing in the same room because it makes both partners feel ‘safe,’ which is a key component of the lifestyle experience. Of course, some swingers enjoy being able to touch each other while couple swapping and may even take their primary partner to task a time or two, as well. For these swingers, same room sex is the clear choice.

Swinging Into Separate Rooms for Playtime

There are some men—and a few women—who simply never get past homophobia or that ‘locker room mentality’ where they simply cannot stand the idea of someone of the same sex seeing them nude. These individuals may experience tremendous performance anxiety that can dampen the entire experience. Some partners don’t care to watch their lover with another, as they would prefer to focus on their own pleasure by being in a separate room. Swinging separately provides certain couples with greater levels of sexual freedom. After all, no one wants to ‘one up’ the other’s partner or feel shy about trying new things that their primary partner isn’t down with. In these cases, separate rooms can ensure everyone has a swingingly good time.

What is your preference? Same room or separate rooms? Share your experience on our SLS Forums.


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