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Positive Reasons for Being in a Non Monogamous Relationship

swinging couple

Are there any positives in a non monogamous relationship? Let’s face it, the rates of separation, divorce, infidelity and other marital problems have been on the rise.

In fact, it appears that more-and-more people are slowly shying away from the normal monogamous relationship and instead embracing non-monogamous bonds.

This means they can have emotional as well as sexual relationship with many people at the same time. But why opt for this kind of relationship?

No Jealousy

The truth is we all want to feel love, accepted and respected. In some monogamous relationship, when one partner lacks love or affection from their lover, it can cause insecurities in the relationship that sometimes build into something greater.  A person’ mind starts to wonder if their partner is interested in someone else due to the lack of attention. This normally leads to jealously especially when the affected person has reason to suspect his/her spouse.


They say variety is the spice of life and you are no short of that when entertaining a non monogamous relationship. Doing the same stuff over an over day in and day our with your partner can lead to boredom. Soon enough, one person in the relationship will lose interest and start to harbor new desires. Non monogamy allows the individual to meet new people at will which offers a wide variety and the opportunity to explore you needs and desires sexually. You may choose partners for short time or even make long-term connections, you decide. Furthermore, this type of relationship allows you to really know who you are before committing to something more serious.

No Betrayal

In a non monogamous relationship, there are open lines of communications so no restriction is placed on who you choose as a mate. In fact, you are free to have as many relationships as you wish. Because of the open communication shared within a non monogamous relationship, chances of your lover feeling betrayed are very minimal since everyone is on the same page, hence no surprises.

Minimal Frustration

Monogamous relationships take work especially for long term relationships. Couples must continuously work on strengthening their bond while also growing as individuals together. This is something that is hard to achieve for most couples because as time and people change, so does their sexual, social and emotional experiences.  Non monogamous relationships allows one to grow and figure out who they are as an individual, making it easier to become and sustain as a couple later down the road.

A non monogamous relationship may be what has been missing in your life. For starters, you have the freedom to choose any partner(s) you wish. Second, with open communication and respect, you can have and maintain several relationships at the same time. They don’t have to be sexual, but also social relationship helps build a network. Third, there are no permanent bonds assigned to you until you are fully ready and realize what it it you really want.

Other reasons that may inspire people to take the non monogamy approach to relationships include human beings being non-monogamous naturally, a way to avoid cheating, divorce, infidelity and steering- clear of unhealthy relationships. Whatever the reason, you choose how to life your life and be truly happy.



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