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Cuckquean Relationship – Benefits to the Man and Woman

cuckquean relationship

Have you ever heard of a cuckquean relationship? Learn about a Cuckquean Relationship and Benefits to the Man and Woman. Have you ever considered being in a Cuckquean Relationship? Though it exists in society, many people don’t like talking about it especially in public. In fact, those involved in it may openly deny being part of it. But truth remains that there are many women who love seeing their husband engaging in sexual activity with another woman. In fact, they enjoy watching this than they being part of the activity, and may help their spouses find a suitable partner.


Advantages to the Man

– Experiment with other women: Being allowed by your woman to have sex with another woman is not only a turn-on but also exposes the man to different sexual experiencing. What’s more, the partner doesn’t feel like he is cheating on his spouse.

-Feel in Control: Nothing is more exciting and satisfying than stopping your woman from having sex with you or any other person but you enjoy as much sex as you want with another person. You feel in control and also allow your natural manly instincts to takeover.


-Spice-up a Boring Relationship: Cuckquean relationships are more exciting than normal ones. A man can still have sex even when the woman doesn’t fell like and at times it’s the woman who pushes for this to happen.


Advantages to a Woman

-Satisfy your Fetish: Cuckquean is a fetish and just like other fetishes it needs to be satisfied. Being in such a relationship is the best way to enjoying the maximum satisfaction from a relationship.

-Avoid Adulterous Partner: Watching rather than being part of a sexual activity minimizes interaction with an adulterous spouse. You derive most satisfaction by watching your hubbie getting cozy with other people, or being starved of sex.

-Ensure Husband is Fully Satisfied: A woman who can’t keep up with the sexual demands of her partner will find relief in a cuckquean relationship. She only needs to encourage her partner or even help him find a likely mate. In addition to her solving her fetish, the man also feels in control of the relationship.

There you go. Some reasons why men and women engage in cuckquean affairs and how it can be advantageous to the involved parties. The man is able to experiment with different women while feeling okay, he feels in charge and still enjoys sex even in a boring relationship. In addition to satisfying her fetish, a woman can avoid an adulterous husband and also ensures he is fully-satisfied. Would you mind being in a cuckquean relationship? Leave a comment or views.



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