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4 Ways the Cuckquean Lifestyle Positively Affects Couples

cuckquean lifestyle

A cuckquean is a wife or girlfriend of a husband/boyfriend(cuckold). These women get off on their partner watching them have sex with other men.

In some cases, husbands are able to please their wife and fetishize the cuckold lifestyle. Cuckqueans really love this lifestyle as couples can reap huge benefits from participating in this sub-sect of the swingers lifestyle.

Here are five perks that couples can anticipate.

1. Satisfy Each Other’s Fetishes

Cuckquean and cuckold fantasies are a fetish that most swinger couples understand and in fact share these similar interest. If a man dreams of his wife being with another man while he watches and the woman gets excited by the idea, things tend to go a lot smoother. However, it is important to enter into such relationships with defined rules in place.

2. Spice Up the Relationship

Play time can become a bit mundane after a long time together in a monogamous relationship. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The cuckquean dynamic can add excitement and spice to anyone’s partnership—even if your sex life is already pretty amazing. The cuckold gets to see his lover’s pleasure from another angle, allowing him to witness intimacy in an entirely new way. The results can lead to greater willingness to explore new things between the sheets.

3. Cuckqueans Keep Their Men Happy and Satisfied

Sometimes a men is unable to meet the sexual needs of his partner and this could be due to any number of reasons. Some women just want a more fulfilled sex life and entering into a cuckquean arrangement can ensure sexual satisfaction while allowing her to do so without guilt. These types of relationships start in a number of ways, but they can be satisfying for everyone involved.

4. Avoiding Cheating in Partnerships

Cheating can kill a relationship and couples of the lifestyle frown on anyone who enters the lifestyle to cheat on their partner. The lifestyle is best experienced by couples who share a strong bond and indulge in open and honest communications. The lifestyle is not the place to fix broken relationships. When you willingly enter into a cuckquean relationship, there is no reason to feel betrayed or experience hurt feelings as the experience is being shared by both.

Now That You Know…

With so many positive aspects of living a cuckqueans lifestyle, why not forge ahead and give it a try? Just remember to discuss it with your partner and have firm rules in place before delving into new directions in the swingers lifestyle.


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