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The Cuckolding Fetish

a cuckold fetish

Cuckold, you’ve probably heard the word and to some extent, you are somewhat certain it is “kinky”… but what really is a cuckold? What happens? And most significantly…what are its benefits? Contrary to common opinion, cuckolding has a lot of surprising benefits to a couple.

In the current times, Cuckolding has become among the fastest rising alternative lifestyles. It is a discrete lifestyle featuring a husband and his wife where by mutual consent, they agree to involve another man to have sexual relations with the wife or the wife has an alternative of dating other men. In this arrangement, the husband is referred to as the cuckold, the wife acquires the term ‘hotwife’, and the other man is called the bull.

Cuckolds come in three major types; submissive, forced bisexual, voyeurs and extreme cuckolding. In submissive cuckold, the husband achieves sexual satisfaction by seeing how much more the ‘bull’ is superior to him in bed. In forced bisexual, satisfaction is achieved since he is allowed in a non-judgmental setting, to explore his innate gay fantasies by watching another man naked and having sex. For the voyeurs simply find pleasure merely by watching another man making his wife climax. In extreme cuckolding the will be bred, inseminated and impregnated by her bull with full knowledge and consent of everyone.

Why Women Enjoy Cuckolding

There are numerous benefits for a woman in a cuckold relationship and one is that it satisfies an increase in libido normally experienced by women between 27 years of age and 45. Moreover, in this relationship, a woman is the centre of attention since she gets most pleasure which ultimately plays positively to her overall happiness. Finally, it allows them to indulge in their sexual fantasies and desires of multiple partners in a safe non-judgmental setting.

Why Men Enjoy Cuckolding

Husbands experience remarkable excitement in the process of getting their wives ready for the other man. For them, the thought inspires excitement which if correctly handled, is sexually satisfying. Aside from the anticipation, some husbands may achieve satisfaction and orgasms on the very act of penetration. For cuckolding to be deemed authentic, the husband though in the sidelines, must watch the wife getting pleased by another guy. Most couples that have done this will acclaim that their husbands get off instantly on seeing the ‘bull’ insert their penis into their wives. The ensuing expressions, utterances and moans instantly arouse their husbands.

Although by the norms of a deceitful society, it is deemed wrong, the resulting benefits and satisfaction it provides for the individuals as highlighted by testimonies of numerous cuckolding couples and researches are immense and un-imaginable.


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