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The 12 Types of Orgasms — What They Are & How To Have Them

12 orgasms and how to have them

There have been several myths and facts about orgasms, the later not taken seriously. Everyone deserves a good orgasm every time they have sex. An orgasm, for a newbie can be defined as a pinnacle or climax of sexual excitement usually accompanied by feelings of intense pleasure. In men it is normally experienced in the process of ejaculation. An orgasm is a good feeling, but multiple orgasms is a feeling only actions can tell. There are various sex positions that enable you to pleasure your G and C spot areas. Among the advantages of orgasms apart from the good feeling include improving your immune system, relieving normal stress, soothing pain and healing migraines or headaches.

G Spot Orgasm

There has been varied explanations and myths about the actual location of the Graffenberg Spot or the G Spot as it is commonly called. It is popular because it is the most erogenous spot in the female genitalia. To achieve an orgasm through the G spot, use the middle finger with small pressure and massage gently in a backward motion.

Breast/Nipple Orgasm.

Studies carried out by researchers show that stimulation of the female nipple signals the genital sensory cortex. This is the part of the brain activated by simulation of the vagina, clitoris and the cervix.

Kissing/Oral Orgasm.

Unknown to most people, lips are very sensitive areas. They are mucocutaneous parts of the body just like nipples and clitoris. The nerve endings are responsible for arousement. To achieve this, one has to know the art of tongue rolling, teasing and lip synching normally done during foreplay.

Anal Orgasm.

For this, lube is necessary for lubrication during penetration. It should be slow if it is your first time experience. Graduated bead strands can also come in handy as an anal sexy toy.

U Spot Orgasm.

The urethra or peephole is surrounded by the clitoris. When stimulated, the U Spot surrounding tissues engorges with blood triggering the Skene’s Glands to enable squirting.

A Spot Orgasm.

The Anterior fornix is the inner vaginal zone. It is best discovered when you are very aroused and muscles are very relaxed.

Cervical Orgasm.

Brought about by deep penetration. It should be noted however that the area may prove to be painful and over sensitive instead of pleasurable to some vaginas.

Clitoral Orgasm.

A favorite by many females, and can be achieved either through oral sex or applying pressure mostly during foreplay.



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