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How hotwifing brings back romance into your relationship



The term “hotwifing” means getting your wife to have sex with another man. In most cases, the husbands take pleasure in watching their wife enjoy this experience. They may also enjoy hearing, watching, or knowing about the adventures of their wives. At times, husbands may be a part of this arrangement by fixing dates for their wives or engaging in threesome.

hotwifing Hotwifing usually never starts when the couple is newly married or have just started living together. This will generally start only after a few years, when the couple knows each other and don’t mind opening their relationship. A few years after marriage, some women start missing the sexual freedom they enjoyed before marriage. Also, husbands are secure about their relationship and are willing to allow their wife have sex with other men.

If the extra-marital partner is boring, inattentive, or does not treat the women right, the women can move on to another partner. The main support of women in this setup is their husband. She gets to enjoy the best of both worlds because her security and anchor remains in her home. The success of this arrangement depends on the frequency and nature of prior sexual experiences of women. Women who have a history of extra-marital affairs don’t see this experience as a major change in their life. The only difference being they don’t have to hide their relations from their husband.

Benefits of Hotwifing

There are several benefits for a couple who are a part of this arrangement. It is the answer to many unfulfilled desires of women and is the top fantasy of most husbands. Here are some potential benefits of hotwifing:

a) Wife has the freedom to enjoy the company of the opposite sex

b) Helps in fulfilling sexual fantasies of the couple

c) Increases trust and communication between husband and wife

d) Husband learns to control feelings of jealousy

e) Women become more confident and are able to express themselves more freely

f) Husbands feel they are married to a sexy and hot woman

g) Women realize their potential for fantasy and intimacy

h) Husbands show increased interest in the looks and clothing of their wife

i) Married women can enjoy dating other men

j) Increases trust between couples

k) Husbands put extra effort to please their wife

l) Intimacy improves, as husbands find out about the secret fantasies of their wife

m) Husbands are likely to become more caring and romantic

n) Variety and new experience is enjoyed by couple

o) Husbands are satisfied because their wife enjoys this experience




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