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Hotwifing Issues: Do Men Love Their Wives?

Do you believe that men can still love their wives even though they are involved in Hotwifing? Most women wonder if their men are really into them, reason being that their soul mate advises them to be intimately involved with other men. Some of these women may wonder if what they are being required to do is really possible. It is easy to come into terms with what these women are thinking of the Hotwifing issue, this is because these women have some outlook on how relationship should be and what a relationship entails according to society and not sexual feelings.

There are quite a number of assumptions that always drive women to be reluctant and doubtful about this kind of arrangement. Women always think that this is a mere strategy of men to convince them to sleep with other men, yes this can also be the case, but let the truth be told to most men this is not a game but a life changing experience and can even improve their relationship.


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If your soul mate really desires that you be intimate with other men, his real intentions maybe that he wants you to experience happiness, pleasure, new feelings and most importantly he would want to see you enjoying someone else company. Without knowing you will see your relationship taking a new turn to a greater height. Knowing that your wife is happy and having fun is a great fulfilling gesture. Men get excitement like watching a porn but its the real deal, women can be sexually pleased by a man that is more endowed so it is a win win situation and yes the men love thier wives dearly. This is a really good testament to love as it endorses trust communication and honesty.

Women should rejoice with the fact that their husband shares these desires openly and not in secret. Most men and women do have secrets that if anybody can find the truth about may leave their love towards they spouse questionable. But if you reason with and you motivate each other, these small issues will never arise in your relationship and you will have a strong bond and be happy.Any man who understands and trusts his partner with any other man, is not just doing this for an adventure or a thriller but to be honest, loving, and being free with the wife which are the foundation to any relationship. Most men adore and cherish their loving wives that they do wish that some men out there could also feel these wonderful experiences. Maybe their wife has the tightest vagina or the sexiest body or does something so incredible that they want another man to experience it. Men do feel high and mighty if other man compliment or just desire their wives, or if a man praises the wife to be attractive, these may make the man so proud of the choice he made.

Even if you as woman,  do not agree with your husbands way of thinking it is just great if you can acknowledge his feelings and stance because no matter what you do he will still remain curious about a Hotwifing experience.To learn more read: How to Turn Your Wife Into a Hotwife



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