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3 Places A Hotwife Should Have Sex With Her Lover


Talking about hotwifing is one thing but did you know there are 3 places you should consider the hotwife should have sex with her lover at?  A common question from couples who have decided to take their first forays into the hotwife lifestyle is, in effect, “where are we going to do it?”.

And it’s a question with an answer that’s not always as simple and straightforward as you might think. It’s a little amusing at times, because it always turns out the fantasy has never really developed beyond the “watching my wife in bed” stage for most men. Exactly where that bed is doesn’t really enter into the equation.

And it’s important because men and women often have very different views on a lot of this.

So let’s look at some of the common answers to this question, along with the pros and cons of each.


1. Your own bed.

This is the obvious one and, if truth be told, it seems to be where most couples gravitate eventually, with the wife bringing her lover home and making love to him in the marital bed either with the husband present or not.

The advantages are obvious: it’s easy, has minimal arrangements necessary, and you feel like you’re on home ground, which can be very important.

The potential problem, though, is many women feel a deep emotional attachment to the marital bed, and may be very uncomfortable at having a man who’s not her husband in it. See my other articles for how unwanted emotions can creep in when you’re hotwifing, and how to deal with them.

2. In your wife’s lover’s bed

This is another fairly obvious answer and while it might be easier on the woman, it’s often harder on the man, especially if he’s not present.

One of the things about hotwifing is the husband often has the desire, almost a need, really, to watch his wife in action. While this can present difficulties all of its own, you’ll often find her new lover is not comfortable having another man in his bedroom — especially when it’s his lover’s husband!

And, of course, there’s also the fact many husbands, for all sorts of good reasons, don’t feel right with their wives being alone in another man’s house. This isn’t necessarily just about the sex they’re having, either — there’s the whole safety issue, whether it’s actually rational or not.

3. In a hotel room

This is perhaps the best choice of all, especially for couples are new to the hotwife lifestyle.

The biggest disadvantage is it obviously costs money, but you can split the cost between her and him. Or, if you decide to meet there and get two rooms (so she can come back to yours when she’s finished making love with him), you’d pay for your own.

But the advantage of this way of it is you’re all on neutral ground. Even if you’re not all staying the night, then you can wait down in the bar for her. It gives you both that feeling of safety and security because you’re close enough to be supportive, but far enough away not to be a pest. Just make sure your wife’s lover books and pays for the room in his own name (with ID, too) even if she then reimburses him.


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