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Three Ways to Be a Hotwife in and Out of the Bedroom

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Most hotwives make satisfying their husband in and out of the bedroom a priority, and there’s no denying that the majority of men enjoy seeing their hotwife exhibit a bit of slut-laden naughtiness every now and then. Here are three clever ways to spice up your slut level to keep your man excited day in and out.

1.   Feel Like a Goddess Every Day…Exude Your Awesomeness

There are not too many things that a man loves and appreciates more than self-confidence in a woman. When you feel sexy you ARE sexy! More than half of women—regardless of their current size—report suffering from sexual shyness and anxiety concerning their bodies. Ladies, love every inch of your Goddess self and your man (a good man) will likely do the same.

2.   Dress Sexy Sporadically

Dressing sexy is no longer only for bedtime anymore. Wear a matching undergarment set under your regular clothes each day. This will boost your inner Goddess appeal and also make you super hot when you arrive home for a sporadic encounter. On the weekends or date nights, don’t be shy about showing a bit of cleavage or legs…after all, this may be your one night to shine in an appealing ‘slutty’ way.

3.   Investigate the Swingers Lifestyle

More couples today both straight and heterosexual are embracing the swingers lifestyle. Not only does this exude slutiness, but it does so in a classy way that all parties involved agree upon and approve of. Couples swinging opens up the doors for communication and even flirting opportunities that expand beyond the club scene or random romps. Swinging is a great way to be a bit slutty without doing so in a way to offend current partnerships.


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