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Partner swapping

Partner Swapping

What is Partner Swapping?


This is simply a temporary exchange of partners or wives between married couples or single partners in committed relationship. It is done mainly for either sexual relations or recreational (social) activities.


Partner SwappingIn the contemporary society and age, the fundamental definition of a relationship has totally changed unlike its meaning a few years ago. In modern relationships, People have had different mindsets, taking everything casually. Until recently, when an interaction involving two people of the conflicting gender was considered dating or courtship.

However, people have ceased thinking in such thoughts of dating. On the other hand, some use the Internet to discover partners, others believe that long term courtship is too long of a phenomenon and now the most recent being partner swapping. This is building up and it’s is now getting very popular in several parts of the world.

Because these days’ people are more open and honest, they can easily be found involved in partner swapping and more so, getting involved in swinging clubs.

Benefits of partner swapping to the relationship

With Partner swapping wives can have abundant benefits in their stable relationships. This lifestyle (unorthodox) has got immense potential of strengthening of the bond in a marriage. This is because, the two couples will experience new life adventures, this means the level of satisfaction and happiness improves.

However, couples who engaged in partner swapping get enough freedom to explore and rediscover their hidden sexuality.

Partner SwappingOther benefits of partner swapping to a relationship include;

i. Good way for bi-curious men and women to discover their sexual desires.

ii. Provides good opportunity to refuse being a monogamous couple

iii. Provides an opportunity to learn a lot more on sexual interests

iv. Enhance the conditions of relationship between two partners

v. Helps in building up a strong level of security and trust

vi. It is a freedom to get together and get to know new people from all strides of life

Partner swapping is a Pleasure to observe your colleague when sexually active with other women or men, this is quite arousing.

It should be noted that partner swapping have got no special rule guide. But it is up to the two partners to (you and your partner) totally to decide the boundaries and limitations. However, there are number of swapping to get indulged with and it ranges from foursomes, threesome, orgies, room sex and same voyeurism.


In order to participate in partner swapping, the two people should not be married but with history of being together as partners.

It is very vital to carefully consider the crowd with whom you are planning to mingle at your venture. Normally, the success of every partner swapping depends on the type of people you interact with. So, it is important to select people who will make you feel safe and comfortable. This will guarantee a better swapping lifestyle.