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Is Wife Swapping Really Good for Your Relationship?

wife swapping

The first thought in most peoples minds when the subject of wife swapping is brought up isn’t always a positive one.

Wife swappingSome may imagine a seedy den, back room or basement on the wrong side of town, where loveless couples meet to engage in casual sex with strangers. The pursuit of the almost divorced, perhaps? Certainly not the pursuit of couples who are madly in love with each other, right? Well the answer may surprise you, as it seems, it’s anything but straightforward.

The above example certainly isn’t a fictitious viewpoint, in fact it’s perfectly applicable to many people who engage in wife swapping, but it’s far from the whole truth and certainly does not apply to the vast majority of couples who partake in the swinging community. A community which for all intensive purposes is thriving.

The majority of people involved in the swinging community see it as a healthy outlet that not only spices up their otherwise conventional sex lives, but also strengthens their relationship over time, leading them to enjoy a much more fulfilled and happy love life with their partner. Although this may sound counter intuitive to some, according to a number of leading psychologists around the world, and the couples themselves, it actually makes perfect sense.

“Wife swapping is not only a great way to spice up your sex life, but it can also dramatically improve your relationship”, says a recent study from the United Kingdom. The study suggests that couples who engage in wife swapping are four times less likely to break-up than their monogamous counterparts.

This is surprising, but certainly not something to be shrugged off as “mumbo jumbo” or pseudo-scientific. Psychologists and relationship experts have for many years bestowed the virtues of having a varied and experimental sex life. This is going right back to the 1960’s, with the birth of the “free love” movement, in the USA.

wife swappingThe key to success in this area of your life and why it differs so greatly from the number one cause of divorce (infidelity) is that it is something a couple must engage in together. It requires trust, understanding, honesty and respect. These are the core principles of any loving, caring and thriving relationship. Unfortunately these virtues can get lost in a relationship over time, no matter how much the couple are in love with each other.

Wife swapping is certainly not for everyone, but if you’re looking to spice up your sex life or if your relationship is on a down-slide, you may very well find that swinging is a great, healthy and enjoyable way to get your relationship back on track. Join a Wife Swapping site now!