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Benefits of Polyamory


Did you know there are benefits of polyamory? What is polyamory you ask? Polyamory is a sexual relationship where an individual is in a romantic relationship with more than one person. In the relationship, all parties know about each other and are comfortable engaging in the sexual activities. There are many benefits of being in a polyamory relationshp, one of which is the freedom to interact with more people in a sexual manner without any consequences. This can improve your sexual experiences which will contribute greatly to your sexual health and a stress free life.

Benefits of Polyamory

1. Improve health

Research shows that having more sex is healthier for you. It helps to avoid stress, boost your immunity, improve blood pressure, lift your self esteem as well as improve your cardiac health. If you feel unsatisfied with one lover during your sexual encounters, you will experience a greater sexual satisfaction once you decide to be in a polyamorous type relationship. In this type of relationship, you can take many lovers and experience several different love making styles.

2. Offer stress relief

In a Polyamory relationship, you are free to discuss with different people, matters that may be affecting you in life. If you have an issue with your sex life, it can be sorted out easily in a Polyamory relationship. This is because you will have several people with whom you can discuss your issues and gain perspective from and lean on if need be. From research it has been noted polyamorous people are stress free hence they enjoy a better quality life.

3. Increase satisfaction in life

There are some things you may not like in your lover. You can try to tell him/her to change, but it is part of them, hence they will not change completely. In a Polyamorous relationship, you will not have to face these issues. You will have several lovers whom you can become intimate with. The issues in one of your lovers cannot prevent you from being fully satisfied in your sex life. Poly people are open minded people who can deal with issues as they arise. If you are trying to enjoy life, you will find it very easy being in a Polyamory relationship.

4. More love with psychological benefits

When in a relationship which involves many people, you will have many chances of making love. This will improve your life greatly because more lovers will benefit you psychologically. You will experience the feeling of belonging to a large family which will make you happy in the relationship. Polyamory has been going strong since the inception of the 60’s with free love.

5. Helps you to become emotionally stable and stronger

In Polyamory you will know how to deal with issues arising from different lovers. This will make you emotionally stable which is very helpful in a loving relationship.