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Sexting – Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Partner Engaged


Feeling a bit horny when separated from your partner? Give sexting—also known as sex texting—a try! You don’t need to be a part of a swingers club or in the lifestyle at all to partake in this form of sexy distance play. If you’re a newbie to this form of play, we offer these sexting tips and tricks to keeping it engaging. Relive a Special Memory Together Take a fast drive down memory lane by sex texting your lover with a reminder of “that time when” using arousing words. BeRead More

Sexting: How to Sext

Sexting: How to Sext

Let’s face it. A good number of us have at one point or the other sent an erotic photo, video or seductive text messages to our partners. However, the truth is that sexting isn’t as easy as it sounds. As matter of fact, many people have no idea what to write let alone how to photograph themselves highlighting their assets. The most important aspect of sexting is keeping communication with your partner private. For those who haven’t tried sexting or are not sure if they’re being effective as they shouldRead More