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Sexting: How to Sext

Sexting: How to Sext

Sexting: How to Sext Let’s face it. A good number of us have at one point or the other sent an erotic photo, video or seductive text messages to our partners. However, the truth is that sexting isn’t as easy as it sounds. As matter of fact, many people have no idea what to write let alone how to photograph themselves highlighting their assets. The most important aspect of sexting is keeping communication with your partner private.

For those who haven’t tried sexting or are not sure if they’re being effective as they should be, here are invaluable tips how to send sexy text messages. It is imperative that you get the basics right, because once you’ve hit the send button, you can’t get it back.

1. Ease into sexting – Start with some light teasing and turn up the heat a little by turning it into steamy and hot sexts. Start slowly; there is no need for you to send the naughtiest sext or photo first. Instead of being explicit, be suggestive since it may feel uncomfortable sharing overly sexy information. Gauge the responses and set boundaries so you don’t go pass a comfort zone. Take things slow by saving intimate details for the bedroom.

2. Be affirmative with your sexts – Begin sexts with something like, “I want to…” instead of “We never…” Be sure to choose your words carefully. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s a bit different in regards to sex and desires. Dirty talk can have more impact than a close up photo. If you’re not comfortable with dirty talk, don’t hesitate to use sexy complements. Stroking the ego is certainly hot.

Sexting: How to Sext 3. Play with punctuations and adjectives – Never mind that it may not come out as sexy; an exclamation mark has a huge impact in regards to sex. Sample this; “I am coming” and “I am coming so hard!” You notice the difference?

You may need to take a little more caution in regards to photos. Regardless of the level of trust you have for your partner, you’re better off taking close up photos rather than photos which include your face. Not only are they safer but leave your partner with something to ponder. Whatever you do always save something for the imagination.

Remember this;

Never sext an unwilling participant – Before you sext, be sure that your partner wants to engage in sexting. Sending nude photos without your partner’s permission may amount to harassment.

Delete sexts after sending them – Don’t keep sexts in your device especially if people around you can gain access your phone. You certainly don’t want your nude photos leaked on the internet, do you?

Don’t rush your sexts – Just like anything else, rushing can cause errors. You definitely don’t want to accidentally send your erotic photos or naughty texts to your workmate or neighbor!

Please remember, Do Not Sext and Drive or TXT and Drive, it can wait.