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Sexting – Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Partner Engaged


Feeling a bit horny when separated from your partner? Give sexting—also known as sex texting—a try!

You don’t need to be a part of a swingers club or in the lifestyle at all to partake in this form of sexy distance play. If you’re a newbie to this form of play, we offer these sexting tips and tricks to keeping it engaging.

Relive a Special Memory Together

Take a fast drive down memory lane by sex texting your lover with a reminder of “that time when” using arousing words. Be specific, but only with the sexy parts. Relive what you loved, and invite your partner to respond with their favorite experiences.

Compliment Your Lover

“Your ___ feels unbelievably delightful.” “You’re the sexiest/best ___ I’ve ever had.” If you’re into swinging, you can mention a specific experience you might have recently had. Being specific with compliments let’s partners know you’re engaged, and they’ll return the favor.

Selectively Send Seductive Photos

Your partner knows how sexy you are, but choosing at least one visual for them to gaze upon while sexting can be intoxicating. However, be sure to ask them to send you a pic ASAP to let them know how urgently you want to see and be with them. Be sure that you only approach this method if you’ve previously sent or consented to photos with one another.

Get a Little Crazy

But not too crazy! What we recommend here is some sultry sex texting about things that may not be exactly feasible routinely in ‘everyday life.’

It’s okay to talk about intimacy against the wall when you know darn well those days are gone. It’s okay to say you’re on the brink of cumming when you aren’t…how about that shower sex vision?

Whether you’re a swinging single on the prowl or have swingers partners in the lifestyle or are in a vanilla relationship, these tips can keep your relationship fresh and promote eagerness for the next sexy encounter.

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