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The Swingers Lifestyle Top 3 Sexual Fantasies Explored

sexual fantasies

Having sexual fantasies is completely normal, and exploring them in ‘real life’ might be intimidating for a first time indulger. Some of the most common desires individuals want to fulfill include sensual massages, threesomes, domination and submission play, outdoor sex and making intimate videos.

While there are numerous wild and sane fantasies, we’ll address the top three and offer tips to ensure they are fulfilled as ‘safe fantasies.’

1. Domination and Submission Fantasies

Taking an intimate experience to the next level with a bit of sub/dom play is a sexual fantasy that many have. It’s a fun and sensual way to explore the dynamics of power and control in a relationship through bondage, gentle spankings or even rougher play.

Most importantly, it’s essential to have strong communications, lots of trust and word or action that means ‘stop.’ After all, safe fantasies require a bit of preparation in the domination and submission world.

2. Sex in the Great Outdoors

In most parts of the world, public sex is considered illegal, albeit certain bold couples give it a shot. However, some just want to experience intimacy under the stars, in a grassy field, by the ocean or in an outdoor water environment. These options are the best way to stay out of the sight of strangers to play it safe with sane fantasies that won’t result in fines or an arrest.

For a unique (and legal) experience, consider going camping with your partner or even take a group of swinging friends to add some spice to the mix. Outdoor sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies, just be smart about participating.

3. Triple up with a Sexy Threesome

Another fairly common sexual fantasy people have is to have sex with another person along with their partner. Some simply want to watch their partner be intimate with someone else—or both. Threesomes can also give men and women the chance to engage with someone of a gender they typically wouldn’t have sex with.

swinger couples play

Regardless of the motivation behind the fantasy, there are some rules to follow before diving in. Like BDSM participants, communication, trust and boundaries are pivotal. When not handled with care, threesomes can lead to jealousy, anger and even result in broken relationships. Have these discussions beforehand.

While not everyone plans to move forward with the sexy dreams in their mind, some will—and many experts encourage safe fantasies to become actionable. Just go in with an open mind, knowing the potential benefits and drawbacks of all sexual fantasies.

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Sexual Fantasies