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Thanksgiving Swingers

Thanksgiving Swingers

Thanksgiving SwingersIt’s that time of the year again and the time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. But beyond that I thought I would take time to write a serious blog instead of the one I wrote last year, What Do Thanksgiving & Swinger Wives Have In Common?, which I admit was funny.

I want to take the time to let all the swingers out there know to be careful on Thanksgiving. If you live up north, the roads tend to be icy so please be careful. This time of the year the accidents are high and several arrests are made for DUI/DWI so please be responsible.

Thanksgiving is not just about family it is also about friends. Too often we forget that Thanksgiving started between the pilgrims and Native Americans. It was about friendship, but I guess you can say they came together as a big family. To get technical the First Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World which was 1621, and no I don’t think anyone was swinging… least I think not?

Anyway, the first Thanksgiving lasted three days and had 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. Some people forget what it is like to be thankful for the little they have, whether a boss helps you out, a friend comes to your aid or an ordinary stranger just says “here”! I know several swingers and they throw a major feast for family and friends, and I know several give plenty this time of year. It doesn’t matter which religion you are, or what your beliefs are, in the end, we are all human and everyone deserves a better life, and a little appreciation from time to time.

This is Mike Hatcher wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, be safe and be good to each other!!

For those that want to have a pre or post thanksgiving swinging event you can check out your local get together here: Swingers Party