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Why Lifestyle Hot Wives Try Anal Sex with Other Men

anal sex

A woman’s fantasy doesn’t create a sexual state of mind that translate to lack of love or affection towards their husbands. It’s merely a desire to explore their darkest fantasies and through erotic sexual experiences. That’s why hot wives in most cases find anal sex intense, but pleasurable.

Resent studies shows lifestyle hot wives are interested in having anal sex with other men because of the arousing and blissful feelings experienced. . This ordinary craving for anal with other men can in most cases be quite pleasurable for all involved.

Exploring the Orgasmic Sensation

Some women run from pain, while others welcome it. A lifestyle hot wife considers the sensitivity of anal sex and compare the orgasmic sensation of anal sex with vaginal intercourse.  Most times, the pleasure experienced during anal penetration is a result of the pressure of the sphincter expanding. Normally, the rectum is soft tight and any discomfort is noticeable the morning after sex. 

The experience at times may be overwhelming and therefore difficult to share with her husband and another. Depending on the trust level between play partners, a hotwife may welcome a different man to play.

Sensitive Nerve Endings

Some women have undiscovered sensitive points on their buts and thighs and will invite a man that can awaken these points to play. This will prompt a hotwife to consider a sexual partner who is slow and tender as some men can be sexually aggressive and controlling and this kind of intercourse can be painful and cause harm if not done properly.  

It Requires Experience

This kind of sex should be an ecstatic and more so painless activity. It does require experience and practice. You may lack the verbal guidance associated with pleasurable anal sex. Paying attention during sex may be a factor that a hotwife considers. 

To conclude, anal is nothing like you see in porn movies. Actual anal is slow and sensual in all ways and should provide intense pleasure. Do your research on this form of sex first before engaging in it for a better sex life.


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