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Swing Offbeat - Bisexual Swingers

Swing Offbeat - Bisexual Swingers It is estimated that over 4 million of the world’s population are swingers. Swingers come in all races, genders, sizes and shapes. They can be bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual. These men and women don’t wear signs or marks on their faces and are not tattooed to display their nature or off hour activities. In fact, you may not identify someone who swings just by their looks or character.

Swingers are everywhere and some are even married or very prominent people in the society. They are found in each society and demographic.  Only some years back before the internet, bisexual swingers were essentially an anonymous society. They dated secretly through adult magazines bought from adult bookstores. Due to that, it even became difficult to know the number of bisexual swingers out there. Today, we can make estimates on all adult swingers in the society based on the information coming from sources such as the internet.

Swing Offbeat - Bisexual SwingersIn the past, overall dating took almost an entire year or more. Dating took ages when it came to mailing photos and sending letters, it even took long before a meeting was scheduled between the two lovers. Things have drastically changed and with just a click of your mouse, you can browse through hundreds of thousands of profiles listed online for people looking for love.

In recent years, the number of bisexuals and couples has rapidly increased in the swinging lifestyle all across the globe. In Northern Europe countries for instance, the figure has been on the rise. In countries like Germany, UK, Holland and Belgium, bisexual particularly among females is considered normal. Women forms a bigger number of bisexual swingers community in these countries than men. Traditionally, bisexual men were not common in most swingers groups although they are slowly catching up with their women counterpart.

Today, the world is developing and becoming easier in many ways. The internet has proven to be such an invulnerable tool for any couple wanting to find their like-minded people for date. Whether bisexual, straight or any specification of their preference, the internet has millions of single men and women looking for companion. Various research conducted have given widely varying figure on the number of bisexuals swingers today. Perhaps the vast majority shy away from being counted. Nonetheless, it is estimated that not less than one half of Americans are involved actively in to sexual activities. This falls under a general swinging bracket including bisexual swingers.

Swing Offbeat - Bisexual Swingers Statistics may be imperfect but even when given the lowest estimates of around a half percent, the number stands at 1.5 million swingers in America alone. In other words, it is logical to say that 1 in every 100 Americans are actively involved in bisexual swinging. Most swingers particularly women are in it due to bisexual curiosity. As every generation enters sexual maturity, they are willing to experiment with anything. Just as homosexuality and lesbianism is finding space in our society, bisexualism mindset is also changing within the community. The taboo that our society used to place about homosexuals with even some countries terming the practice extrajudicial, kept swingers and homosexual in the closet for fear of stigmatization.

Given the countless number of swingers clubs, private parties, conventions, resorts and websites, it is quite simple to agree that bisexual swingers are within the society. As the information comes in via the internet, a big number of married couples talk about it openly with some even deciding to give it a try. In some ways, bisexuality has presented itself as a bridge between all dichotomies. A man is created of many different things aside from gender and sexuality that it seems very natural these days to fall in love with any human no matter what sex. During ancient time and still now, there are people who feel that these activities are eccentric to human nature.

Although most bisexuals swingers particularly men fail to identify themselves as one, their tendency is be pinpointing of bisexuality. They remain in-knowledgeable of the existence of an incipient bisexual society where important safe sex information is easily accessible.