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Swingers Attraction

pierced nipples

Lets face it, several swingers have their own taboo whether you call it an attraction or an instinctive desire that turns you on. Mike Hatcher did some surveys and found out some of the top turn on’s for swinger couples. Below listed in no order are Top Swinger turn on’s.

Body Piercing/Tattoo

Swing Offbeat - Swingers AttractionThis particular turn on is not at the top of all age ranges, but the piercing’s and tattoos are a turn on for the under 40 swinger crowd or Generation X swingers. The piercing’s that turn one on range from pierced tongues, to the lip, eyebrow, nose, nipples and yes of course the genitalia. this particular turn on has a high value as the piercings located in the right place often provide direct involvement in sex acts.

Tattoos drive a lot of people crazy, ear discs can induce swoons, and surgical implants (which can make a human look, say, alien or demonic) have deep sex appeal for a select group. If this is your turn on, then go with it!

Hair/Lack of

Ever see those playboy or hustler models with their hair blowing in the wind and the men Swing Offbeat - Swingers Attractionexperience an instant hard on? Well Mike Hatcher is one of those men.  Men tend to believe that hair can make the woman, even if it is hair downstairs.

Some even like the idea of hair all over their body, some enjoy the 70’s full bush around the private parts.

Women, too, may have their preferences, usually in the facial realm. To some women, sex just isn’t sex without some scratchy facial hair in the mix. Some women love a man like Mike Hatcher who takes about an hour to thinly shape his goatee.

It can also be the lack-there-of that gets people going. Rare but still out there, a select group of men find bald women to have an irresistible appeal and a lot of women enjoy a man that shaves his head and sports a goatee.

Swingers Leather Attire

Swing Offbeat - Swingers AttractionDid you know that there are clubs and several events catered to wearing leather? Its true, the leather fetish can also be branched off into other categories such as sadomasochistic sex play. Men and women enjoy wearing leather pants, corsets, boots, chaps, full body costumes and more. did you know that there are a lot of swingers out there that love leather?

Leather is not the only tangible attire that is sought after in the realms of fetish according to swingers. Rubber, latex, fur and silk are also highly popular options, as far as these things go.

Shoes/High Heels

Most men and women share the common attraction to the shoes. How many times have Swing Offbeat - Swingers Attractionyou watched a naughty movie and been turned on by the actress wearing her high heels during a shoot? Several men enjoy a women in high heels, and several women enjoy wearing them. Seriously if you don’t believe me ask yourself this “how many pairs of shoes does my wife/girlfriend have”? We’re talking mostly about men, mostly about high heels, and mostly about a woman wearing them (and possibly nothing else) during sex.

Although this is the most common turn on, it is the least talked about among other turn on between others and swinging friends.


Swing Offbeat - Swingers AttractionDid you know that several people are turned on by feet? Its true, although I don’t get the whole turn on, I came across a study published in 2007 by the International Journal of Impotence, that changed my opinion. According to this article feet, and toes were the most highly fetishized body part, with nearly half of the thousands of survey respondents choosing them over all others (and that includes boobs and butts!) (source: Independent).

No one is really sure why, nut Mike Hatcher believes it has to do with programming. No I don’t mean TV shows, but I am talking about dirty movies, and going back to the woman in shoes or better yet, without shoes and having her feet in the air. I can see how this might generally allure someone to sex.