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What Divides Nudists From Swingers?

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What Divides Nudists From Swingers?

There has always been a huge confusion between swingers and nudists. To break it down, a nudist is one who enjoys hanging around without clothes, whether in public or at their private residence. On the other hand, a swinger is one who basically has sex, but without demanding for money.

The Difference

swingers beachNudists are actually supported, by an organization, The American Association for Nude Recreation – AANR. This organization was developed in 1931 to give rights to the nudist recreation and information of such communities and places around the world. For instance, you can find a nudist park or resort, which lets children enjoy swimming while naked. The association strictly forbids having sex in such places that have received the mandate. However, there are some resorts that are ‘adult only’ and surprisingly, or rather obvious enough, they are not supported by the AANR. Everyone knows that anything or slogan that states ‘adults only’ has some X-rated content with them. If you go to the ‘adult only’ nudist resort, as they call it, you could find people having sex.

Now these people are swingers and not nudists. They engage in sexual activities freely with friends or strangers. That automatically gets them out of the nudist bracket.

The Thin Line

The only slight similarity between the two is that they all walk around naked in public. Generally, people believe or rather it is a taboo to show of your nakedness to any one of the public, that is the probable reason why people believe swingers and nudists are similar.

nudistsGenerally, you can find a nudist at a swinger club, but a swinger can never be allowed at a nudist resort or park. Although you might hardly differentiate a swinger from a nudist when you see one, you can know the difference in terms of the display. Sometimes, a swinger might not necessarily be naked, but they will dress in a provocative manner of denoting their desire for sexual acts. Swingers are only getting naked so that they can seduce other people. On the other hand, nudists strip down and walk around naked because they want to be ‘free’. Some claim that taking their clothes off makes them feel liberated. Their target is not to display off their nudity to strangers or friends, rather, they just want to get naked and walk around with less weight. So the main thing to note about nudist is that they never have sex in public, unlike swingers.

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