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Alien Sex & A Swingers Take

alien swingers 4

If you have been following the crazy swinger blogs of Mike Hatcher, then you know about my cousin and his episode with the cat from: Swingers Generation X and his mis adventures, yes it’s a joke.

Anyway, I was over at his place and he was telling me how he and his wife would love to be the first people to swing with an alien couple. This was pretty funny coming from a guy who is about as sharp as a marble. He was drinking and really getting in to how cool it would be to be with an alien and watch while his wife had a great time. I informed him that if an alien landed on Earth and saw humans, they would immediately leave and report no intelligent life forms were found.

He went on to show me pictures of naked women with alien greys, I was biting my lip trying not to laugh, but hey, people have different fetishes. My neighbor in Oregon liked his wife to dress up as an anime cartoon chick while he would um……you get the picture. Yes they would have sex while watching hentai and one time wanted me to dress up like a character from Akira, but that is another blog in itself.

Anyways my cousin was so the alien sex fantasy that he actually planned out step by step rules for swinging with a single male alien.  I thought was pretty cool, because newbies in the lifestyle need to prepare rules for each other. So here are his step by step rules for alien swinging which I downloaded from his laptop and I hope you enjoy these pics as much as he does. I only included three in this blog because 15 were NSFW and some had to be edited.

Swing Offbeat - Alien Sex & A Swingers Take
alien swingers 4


Rule #1 Always make sure that the guest (alien swinger) is comfortable, offer him a drink, make sure he is relaxed and ready to be filmed at all costs.




Swing Offbeat - Alien Sex & A Swingers Take
alien swingers 11



Rule # 2 If the alien male wants to spoon, It is OK with the wife as long as it is videoed and he does not get vaporized and or not longer downstairs no longer than 15 inches. (hey its my cousins rules)





Swing Offbeat - Alien Sex & A Swingers Take
alien child


Rule # 3 The alien must not have the attitude of “ I hope your couch pulls out because I don’t” My cousin stressed that protection is a must and even included what the alien child may look like with his wife.




In closing my cousin is different and I am open to all people of all fetishes, and who knows what swinging in the future might lead to. In the past it was taboo to be with a same sex person, or person of another race. Well those taboo’s are not so taboo anymore, maybe one day someone will have sex with someone that is intelligent, it just won’t be on Earth.

Since we don’t know the staying power of Aliens,  I would recommend Libidra for female libido to make the women horny and aggressively obtain multiple orgasms. The magic number appears to be 3 pills in the morning upon awakening and 3 in the afternoon.


Swing Offbeat - Alien Sex & A Swingers Take
Female Libido Boost



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