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Womens Top 10 Sex Fantasies

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Several of my faithful blog followers have written in and asked what are the common sex fantasies that women think about. I conducted a few surveys and did some investigations on the subject and I was a little surprised by what I found out. Below are the top ten sex fantasies for women.

No.10 Domination (her dominating you)

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesWomen may love a big strong man that can sweep em off their feet, but there are several women that want to dominate and be in control. Why? the control factor, she gets to be in control and enjoy being worshiped from her man in the process. This actually ranked in the top fantasies for women, its always the quiet shy types that enjoy this.


No.9 Domination (you dominating her)

Since so many men have become the metro sexual type guy, women tend to yearn for Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex Fantasiessomething more. A top fantasy is the woman being dominated by a man. women fantasize about being pinned down and thrusting her thighs apart and taking her in every aspect. In this scenario the woman wants to be owned, and wants the man to take her in every possible way. This ranked #9 on the top fantasy.

No.8 Teacher/student

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesIf you have been reading the media lately you would agree with me on this one. Apparently several women not only enjoy role play but have a secret fantasy for a teacher-student sex rendezvous. In the media we look online and TV and we see quite often female teachers having sex with their students. I remember dating a teacher a few years back and she was kinky as hell, and guess what………we did role play the teacher student. This fantasy is one that is often played out between partners and fun to do. If you and your partner want to try this out i would highly recommend it. either you be the teacher or you be the student and feel free to switch it up each time.

No.7 Sex with a stranger

Sex with a stranger also ranked pretty high Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex Fantasieson this survey, apparently women get turned on by a stranger they do not even know taking them in multiple positions and exploring every inch of their bodies. Women are often attracted to a stranger and not someone close to them as it makes them feel more naughty.

No.6 Threesome with another woman

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex Fantasies43% of women fantasize about a threesome with another woman. Some of the women fantasize about their man being thrown into the mix with another woman so she may explore her bisexual side. Women also enjoy this as they can arouse their man and have their man tear into them once he is horny enough. Some women want to experience another woman’s touch and this is a great excuse to involve their man so it is not considered cheating to them, but they get to experience another woman.Even though women have a high rate of this fantasy the next numbers will shock you.

No.5 Threesome with two men

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesThis one ranks #5, 53% of women fantasize about being worshiped by two men at once. Some fantasize about a man taking her from the back while she performs oral sex on the other. However some women that do fantasize about two men often fantasize about both holes being penetrated at once, and I am not talking about a hole in one at the golf course, I am talking about DP. This one is so popular and I commend Calvin Klein for actually posting this billboard ad. I am a fan of Calvin Klein and this picture is great in all aspects! Honestly when I saw this ad, i thought, the next time I do a MMF, I am going to wear my CK’s.
No.4 Voyeurism

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesIf you think women don’t enjoy watching other people get it on, you’re completely mistaken. women like to watch, the same as men, it is erotic, it turns you on, and sometimes it can lead to love making. This ranked #4 and is great because there is a little voyeur in us all. Now being a voyeur also means watching form a distance, some women living in bigger cities often have telescopes, and not to view the constellations. Yes women in the bigger cities often enjoy watching other men/women undress and have sex form afar.
No.3 Force fantasies

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesThis ranks as #3 and is a common female fantasy. Force fantasies are quite popular among women. Psychologists have mentioned that women fantasize about this because it allows them to be wild, sexy, dirty, without having the guilt that follows afterward. Women envision a sexy man, carrying them off to bed and get down to business as she protests on the outside but will love every minute of it on the inside. I like CK jeans, but low and behold I found a Dolce & Gabbana ad, which was pretty hot if you ask me. In this pic, you can see exactly what I mean. I now know why I have a thing for designer items.

No.2 Exhibitionism

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesComing in at #2 is interesting as 67% of ALL women enjoy being watched and or are curious about being video taped. in this category women actually enjoy other men and other women watching them partake in the most intimate of positions with a partner or partners.  Again in larger cities women enjoy having sex in front of windows on high rises and even in hotels. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale or Miami are you will know exactly what i mean in this blog.

No.1 Private dancer

Swinger News - Womens Top 10 Sex FantasiesBelieve it or not, coming it at #1 is the private dancer/stripper. Yes women fantasize about being a private dancer and or stripper either for their man or for stranger. This particular fantasy has been stable at the #1 position for a while. Women find it intriguing to have their partner or man drool over them while they perform sexy dances, in front of them or on a pole. Just make sure that your woman takes a class or two and moves up and down the pole like a certified stripper!

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