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SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run

SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run

SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run The X Run is the first of its kind and SwinglifeStyle is happy to be a premier sponsor of this event. A 5k obstacle course that is designed to promote healthy swinging and give back to charity, is an event that SwingLifeStyle is proud to partner with. The mud run will be filled with lots of fun obstacle races like Motorboating Mania, “Spank the Monkey” bars, The Boob wall, G-string Crawl and so much more that we are sure you’ll really enjoy. Come out and meet our celebrity guests, Ash Armand from Showtime’s hit TV series “Gigolos”, Jessica O’Reilly. PhD, Sexologist, Relationship Expert, Author & Host of Playboy TV Swing among others. In case you have never attended a mud run before, then you should not miss the opportunity to attend the event.

The X Run will be held at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami, FL. It will be one of the sexiest, wildest, and most outrageous mud run of its kind, so everyone 21 years and over, regardless of your physical fitness level is welcomed. This adult themSwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run ed mud run features sexy entertainment, pole dancing contests, Mr. & Mrs. X run Competition and so much more. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy after you decide to attend The X Run sponsored by SwingLifeStyle:

Physical exercise that enhances physical fitness and overall health.

Although this event will involve running, you will end up exercising different parts of your body. Lack of exercises can lead you to different health complications which can end up causing you heart problems. Some of these problems can be solved through a little physical exercise where you get to burn excess fats from your body. The mud run can help motivate you by running and exercising in a group setting. This is unlike a case where you will be trying to run by yourself which is very hard to achieve for some. Remember in a group you will be motivated by other members where you will run as a group with benefits of adult-themed fun. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, The X Run will be 50 Shades of Mud fun.

Make New Friends

SwingLifestyle Sponsors The X Run Attending The X Run sponsored by SwingLifeStyle, will allow you to connect with people in and out of the lifestyle. Having fun with other people is something that will add value to your life. You can attend the run and end up developing friendships you would have never thought possible. The event is attended by many people from different regions. This will save you time in case you are too busy in your daily routine to connect with others to build lasting relationships.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable, but no nudity is allowed. Out of State participants can reserve their rooms at one of our Hotel partners. Potential participants can register at The X or visit the site for more details.