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Less Than 2% Of Swinging Couples Divorce!

swingers divorce rate

Did you know that less than 2% of swinging couples divorce? Do you like the idea of having sex with other people, with no strings attached? Would you like to examine your illusions with like-minded people?

Would you like the intimacy and long-term commitment with your partner, but don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for sexual exploration with a lot of other people? If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then the increasingly popular lifestyle known as ‘swinging’ could be for you.

Swinging is sex between permitted adults, most commonly comprising of male and female couples engaging with other male and female couples for intimacy friendships. However, some couples enjoy a 3rd person. It could be with another man or another woman.

Swinging (some swingers only call it “the lifestyle”) can take a diversity of different forms. Single women are often invited and are welcomed. They are not usually a threat to most married wives, and the husbands enjoy a 2nd woman.

Although women bisexuality is allowed in the swinging lifestyle, the extent to which men bisexuality being accepted also varies from couple to couple… however, for the most part; the man to man stuff is usually not allowed.

Did you know the divorce rate is about 52%, and some say it’s even higher? 98% of these couples are traditional “thinking” couples and are so-called monogamous people. In other words, they get married and take an oath and promise only to have sex with each other.

#1 Reason for divorce is finances.
#2 Reason for divorce among traditional married couples is infidelity. In other words, millions of traditional married couples divorce because the husband or the wife was unfaithful and that trusting relationship was or is destroyed. By the way, a national survey now says it’s 50/50. 50% of husbands and 50% of wives are cheaters in their marriage.

Compare that percentage with Swinging Couples or Sharing Couples. Less than 2% of sharing couples ever get separated or divorced. Its is a shocking statistic to many people; however, there are many reasons for this.

Sharing couples or (swinging couples), are extremely bonded and are the best of friends. They seldom lie or cheat on each other because that is not how you treat a close friend. They understand and accept each other much more than traditional couples do. Sharing couples are deeply in love with each other and have a deep, trusting bond.

Sharing couples have a very loving and trusting relationship. They enjoy a satisfying sex life with each other and usually spend quality and quantity of time with each other and their families. They enjoy each others company and them sincerely like each other. They take care of each others needs and wants. They respect each other. The best part is; They TRUST each other completely.

100% of all swinging couples are bonded in a trusting friendship, but it is evident the majority of swinging couples have a very high trust factor due to their very low divorce rate.



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