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Man Strips and Chokes His Chicken after Crashing Into a Fried Chicken Stand

choke chicken

In Pennsauken, a South Jersey man has been charged with DUI on Monday after crashing his car in Fairhill, Philadelphia. According to officials, the man was under the influence of drugs that made him go all bizarre after the crash. What did he do? Well, unlike other crashers, he didn’t jump out his car and started looking for someone to blame or a helping hand, lol. Instead, he stripped naked and got onanistic in public. Some smart and witty by-passers captured his act on their smart devices and uploaded it on YouTube for all to see.

The man has been recognized as Vincent J. Wade, a 34 year old resident of Pennsauken, Camden County. In the video, Wade can be seen standing next to the open driver’s door side of his silver, damaged Toyota Camry. He removed his shirt and had his pants down resting around his ankles in the snow. His car crashed into the pole at 10:30 am on Monday morning. The incident took place right under the sign of Crown Chicken and Grill on the 500 block of West Lehigh Avenue in Fairhill, North Philadelphia. Now this is what we call, “choking the chicken”. What else!? The video has gone viral on all popular social networking sites, making everyone laugh out their ribs.

According to the witness, Wade seemed irate and uncontrollable before the crash. He was yelling out loud while driving when he hit the pole. Soon after the crash, he started removing his clothes which appeared like an onanistic act. He danced while shimmying his buttock before a group of three men standing on the corner the road and then later moved on to teasing the man passing by. Wade also attempted to drive away after finishing his act, but an unidentified person took his keys and called for the cops.

The man was arrested at the scene, but soon got bailed after paying the fine of $500 – 10% of what he was liable to pay for the bail. Supposedly, this was the first time that he had been charged with something like this, so authorities were a little liberal on him.

As per the report submitted by the police official, Wade has been tested positive for drugs. The reports did not specify the type of drugs, but fortunately he was not injured and could get back on his feet after getting bailed. The case has been filed against him, and the court hearing is scheduled for 26 February, 2014 at 10 a.m. Seems like there’s a lot of humiliation to come for Wade in the near future.

Since he made bail, I guess there will not be any funny posters to put on his cell like” Do not enter flying objects”.

Interestingly enough, (no joke) there is a man that drives around asking women to help him masturbate with Swiss cheese. People are wondering if Vincent J. Wade, is the same Swiss cheese masturbate man.