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How To Make A Woman Squirt

Swingers Guide - How To Make A Woman Squirt

Good ole Mike Hatcher went to sleep last night, and as it was raining, I couldn’t help but think of the last time I taught a woman how to squirt.  Some people are skeptical but every woman is capable of having an ejaculating orgasm.  However, some women are not able to experience this because they are afraid or their men do not know how to help them get there.  Some women fear that if they let go and squirt, it might end up being something else.  Men should understand that female ejaculation feels so much like urination for women. This has made some women stop the sensation immediately as they feel it, even if they lose the extreme pleasure that comes with squirting.

Learning how to make a woman squirt is among the most powerful and rewarding skill you can ever learn as a man.  This can make a woman fall deeply in love with you and bestow unbelievable confidence on you.   However, many men are still clueless as far as giving a woman such a powerful ejaculation is concerned.  Probably the biggest reason for this is because information on how man and woman can increase the pleasure they get from sex is not readily available.

There are several ways to make a female squirt, and all that is required is your fingers and an oral job. Basically, the greatest advice is to try exploring different things, using different fingers and on various parts of her vagina.   As a man, you should realize that a woman’s vagina is quite complex and you have to do more than just sticking something in and out of it to get her to squirt.

Swingers Guide - How To Make A Woman SquirtYou have to be innovative and come up with a strategy that will work best for your woman.  Focus on her g spot with your fingers while at the same time some oral job and that will surely get her off.  Besides, once you can give your woman an orgasm using your fingers, she will enjoy multiple organisms when you start having sex.

It should be noted that for you to make a female squirt, you should get her in a different frame of mind. As mentioned earlier, most women are afraid of what might happen if they let go, so talk to your woman first.  Make her feel comfortable and safe.  You can achieve this by reassuring her that she will still be attractive to you regardless of what happens once she gets to that point of no return.

Here Are 5 Tips on How to Make Your Woman Squirt
1.  Start by performing oral job on her clitoris, inner thighs and labia to get her wet and relaxed.  Ensure to lick and suck the clitoris continually as this increases pleasure.  However, you should not focus so much on the clitoris because although it is a good way to get her wet and aroused, this time you want her to squirt, and her g spot should be your main focus.

2.  Take two fingers (pointer and middle finger) and slide them in her vagina.  The fingers should be slide firmly but slowly.  Get them as far as possible without exerting a lot of pressure.  If she is very tight, you can begin with one finger then proceed until the two can go in.  When you are sure she is set for an orgasm of her life, go ahead.

3.  Reach for her g spot and start stimulating it using a beckoning motion.  Stimulate and tease it continually with your fingers and make her feel good.  By now, she should be breathing and squirming very heavily.  As she gets wetter, you will hear some squelching, sponge-like sounds.  You can tap, pull or press your fingertips against the g spot harder, as she gets wetter.  Her g spot will start swelling and ballooning out as she gets nearer to climax.

4.  Now this is the crucial part.  She will say that she feels like peeing but rest assured she does not want to pee.  This is a feeling of her ejaculation and you have to tell her about it beforehand so that she does not stop you.  In fact, when this feeling comes, you should do it harder as she is very close to ejaculating. Some few seconds following the pee sensation, she will begin to cum.

5.  Continue pressing the g spot harder and she will start to ejaculate.  At this moment, she will be screaming and her pussy will begin to shoot clear, odorless liquid.  Some women squirt a lot while others just a little.  This will be a great experience for your woman.

By following the above guidelines, you are sure to make your woman squirt and tremble with pleasure. And remember as a favor to Mike Hatcher; make your woman call out my name as she orgasms.

With Love – Mike


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