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Swingers Humor Orgazmo And Porky’s

Mike Hatcher has a sense of humor as you know, and I will be reviewing my personal favorite funny movies………. you may want to watch them. The first is called Orgazmo and it is a must watch.

The reason I am bringing this up in a swingers blog is the fact that several swingers will recognize a Cameo from porn legends such as Ron Jeremy, Juli Ashton, Jill Kelly, Serenity Wilde, Shayla LaVeaux, Chasey Lain, Jeanna Fine, Meilissa Hill, Jacklyn Lick and Christi Lake.

From the creators of Southpark, this is the story of a Mormon who knocks door to door to spread his faith and ends up knocking on a porn shoot. After ending up being the lead role as Orgazmo, he eventually becomes a real superhero with the power to give orgasms with his Orgazmorator gun.

If you are a fan of Southpark, BASEketball or Trey Parker and Matt Stone then you must watch this Action Adventure Porno.

Enjoy the Trailer.

Next Up Is Porky’s

If you haven’t watched this movie you have been living under a rock. This is appropriate for a swingers blog because of the sexual innuendo’s in it.

There are a couple classic funny scenes such as when all the boys think they are going to get laid, and are chased out by a man wielding a blade. This of course was a stunt set up by their friends. Good ole Pee Wee ends up running down the road naked. And if anyone has a crush on Kim Cattrall like I do the romantic moans of her having sex as Lassie are classic.

My personal favorite sce has to be when the boys are watching the girls in the shower. There is a hole in the shower so one boy sticks his tool through the hole and a teacher almost breaks his tool off.

Without giving away too much of this classic here is the trailer.

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