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Avengers Assemble: Swingers

Swinging Humor - Avengers Assemble: Swingers

Swinging Humor - Avengers Assemble: SwingersI admit I watched the Avengers two times at the movies, I was skeptical at first with the hype, but walked away from the movie very pleased. I have not watched a movie this good for years.  I came from the days when movies relied on plot like Weird Science and the Breakfast Club. I am a Generation X’er through and through.   The Avengers had plot, special effects and of course a compelling story, so why am I writing about the Avengers in a Swingers Blog? Simple, I just found out that my favorite artistic movie creators, Axel Braun has made The Avengers Porn Parody. Wow this one looks great, looks like it has a compelling story, great special effects and an all-star lineup.

The Avengers XXX looks to be a good porn flick, maybe not as dramatic as the movie, but this is one porn parody you cannot miss.  Looks like Earth’s mightiest heroes decided to have an orgy. This parody isn’t limited to license deals like Sony, from what I heard Sony didn’t want to cross license Spiderman in the Avengers so that’s why Spidey was not in the Avengers. But this parody does the comics justice ….in a weird pornographic sort of way. Avengers XXX has a cast of Iron Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Thor, The Avengers XXX also features Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Sharon Carter, The Scarlet Witch, and yes, even Spider-Man himself, and they are doing what other REAL super heroes would behind clothes doors, orgies. So you see this is a good swingers blog addition. To top it off Axel Braun has cast Chyna as She-Hulk, this is going to be great! Loki may have an army, and the Avengers may have “The Hulk”, but this one also has She-Hulk”

In closing I always thought about having sex with a super hero, or wonder what it would be like to have sex as a superhero. Like Spiderman, I wonder how he shoots on climax or does he sling a web? Hopefully you guys enjoy this post and hopefully you pick up this movie to watch at your next swingers party or event.

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