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Swingers Guide - Swingers Fetish

No matter who you are everyone has their own fetish, just as all swingers have their own fetish.  Sure Mike Hatcher might like to watch a wife being led around by a dog collar for a gang bang; you know something romantic like that, whereas others have a different fetish.  There are many possible versions of swinger fetishism, as they may apply to the lifestyle of swingers.  Generally swingers can be defined as couples that are living together, possibly married, and share an open relationship as a couple.  This is often because one, but usually both of the people share a common sexual interest, which is very often fetish oriented.

Swingers Guide - Swingers Fetish It should first be clarified, that although many swingers are into certain fetish oriented activities, not all swingers practice fetishism.   Also a fetish to those who are not into fetishism, will probably involve activities that do not seem typically sexual.  In the most basic sense fetish for swingers is defined as pleasure or sexually stimulating arousal that is activated by use of clothing, objects, actions or parts of the anatomy.  If a fetish centers around a part of the body, it will not be the genital area.  For example, foot fetishes are a very common source of arousal.  Other examples are boot worship, body piercing, interest in bodily fluids, and bloodsports.

In swinger culture, many fetish activities are coordinated under the banner of B.D.S.M.   It is a private language that is used to describe this particular subculture of swingers.  It allows for communication, personal privacy and sexual partners can share experiences with a degree of secrecy.  B.D.S.M. is often mistakenly defined, as to the correct classical meaning of the acronym.  It stands for a three part collective term that represents all the possible activities and roles individuals have fetishes for, under the banner of B.D.S.M.   It means: Bondage / Discipline, Dominant / Submissive (sometimes Dominance and Submission), and Sadism / Masochism.

Swingers Guide - Swingers Fetish Just like general fetish practices do not apply to all swingers, the individual aspects of B.D.S.M. are not practiced by every swinger with a propensity for fetishism.   So a person, who maybe into Bondage practices, may not be interested in Sadism or Masochism.  The same could be said of someone is interested in Masochism, but not interested in Bondage or Discipline activities.   Thus the use of the acronym letters B.D.S.M. has become common among swingers, this way they can quickly let others know their interests.   For example one could say, “I am into D/s, but I am not into B/D or S/M.”

Being part of the swinger culture is a way that couples and individuals meet people safely for more unusual fetishes.  There is a safety net for the couple and the privacy of meeting in groups.  It also allows for social interaction, in a non-threatening, non-judgmental, and legally safe zone.   Practices among swingers are generally accepted, even if different people do not practice them.

Swingers tend to be couples, so it is most common for one partner to have certain interest that complements the fetish of the other.  Unless the reason for swinging is some opposition of likes and dislikes sexually speaking.  This is the primary reasoning why fetish is part of the swinger’s lifestyle, for many couples.

In closing Mike Hatcher says, “Don’t knock any fetish and try to be open to other people especially if you want to explore the alternative sexual lifestyle.”   Sit back and enjoy the ride, and don’t be offended by dog collars.