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The BDSM Lifestyle — A Punishing Look at Sadism and Masochism

BDSM Lifestyle

BDSM…four letters lusciously getting more attention lately. So what exactly does this acronym mean? We’re going to tell you what BDSM couples in the lifestyle predominantly think—particularly about the realms of sadism and masochism—but before delving into the wit and wisdom of those ‘in the know,’ here’s the Webster’s Dictionary’s definition: Masochism: “A term that refers to various forms of play including bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.” For this post, we’ll focus on sadism and masochism, or S/M or S&M as it’s often called. What isRead More

Swingers Fetish

Swingers Guide - Swingers Fetish

No matter who you are everyone has their own fetish, just as all swingers have their own fetish.  Sure Mike Hatcher might like to watch a wife being led around by a dog collar for a gang bang; you know something romantic like that, whereas others have a different fetish.  There are many possible versions of swinger fetishism, as they may apply to the lifestyle of swingers.  Generally swingers can be defined as couples that are living together, possibly married, and share an open relationship as a couple.  This isRead More