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Man Sends Racy Pictures to Marco Police Officer


Be careful with your selfies. A man accused of sending racy pictures to a South Florida police officer was detained on Sunday. Paul Arnold Kirleis, a 30-year-old from Marco Island initially got in touch with the police to report that he had seen a suspicious vehicle in his neighborhood. A police officer responded to the accused through a phone that was issued by the Marco Island police department.

According to the police officer, Paul Arnold Kirleis started sending him messages a short while after their conversation. The officer alleges that he received several messages text messages from the accused. The initial text message sent from Kirleis’ number asked “Who is this?” while a second read “I am boo.” The officer also claims that he received a picture of a man wearing a thong. The officer reports that he got another picture of a man that resembles the accused. The second picture captures a naked man looking at a camera while he bends over.

The Marco Island man sent several other texts to the officer. In one of the messages, Kirleis was wearing lingerie. The police officer received a sixth text message that read “Sooo.” The accused says that the made contact with police officer when he made a call about a suspicious vehicle. But he claims that he does not recall any other contact with the officer. Kirleis says that he was intoxicated when he made the call and does not recall much of what took place that day.

Police officers confiscated Paul Arnold Kirleis’ phone to establish if he had sent the racy pictures. The pictures retrieved from his phone were enhanced and officers established that the naked man in the photos resembled Kirleis.
Kirleis who lives at 800 block Panama court, is accused of stalking. He has also been charged with prohibition of certain actions in relation to obscene and lewd content. It is not clear if the accused was really intoxicated when he sent the text messages and racy pictures. The police officer who made contact with him does not report if Kleiser was drunk when he responded to his call.

The accused may be telling the truth when he says that he does not recall much. This story was initially reported by Naple News but the site does not indicate if the officer replied any of the messages. It is not evident if there was any other call made to the officer after the Kleiser reported a suspicious vehicle.

The Marco Island police department only reports that the man sent lewd pictures to one of its officers. But there is no mention of any action taken by the police officer to stop the accused from sending messages and pictures. According to the report, the messages were sent on a single night. It is unclear if the accused knew the police officer involved. Kleiser may have been trying to get a date but he got himself in trouble with the law instead. He may also have been intoxicated and confused the officer’s number with someone else’s. Kleiser will definitely be more careful the next time he decides to send racy photos.

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