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Advantages of the Swinglifestyle from a Single Woman’s Perspective

Advantages of the Swinglifestyle from a Single Woman's Perspective

Overview: Swinglifestyle or swinging for single women

The swinging lifestyle for single women, otherwise known as unicorns, is where single women engage in sexual activities with other single women, men or couples in committed relationships. Swinging for single women has a number of advantages and can range from spontaneous sexual encounters, to planned social meetings or connecting online on swinger sites with other like-minded people. Below are some of the main advantages of the swinglifestyle from a single woman’s perspective.

1. It’s a great way to meet new people: This is one of the main advantages of swinging from a single woman’s perspective. Instead of meeting people traditional settings, swinging helps single women known as unicorns meet couples, other single women and men in fun, new, exciting ways. The encounter is nurtured into new friendships and in most cases, lifetime bonds are formed.

2. It rules out infidelity: The SwingLifeStyle from a single woman’s perspective rules out the option extramarital affairs which is a common problem in society today. Because single women are welcomed by both parties of a married couple, there is no reason to cheat or lie, the infidelity vice is ruled out. Married or committed couples who participate in the lifestyle together, experience sexual experiences based on trust and mutual understanding between all parties involved.

Advantages of the Swinglifestyle from a Single Woman's Perspective3. Its exciting and stress free: The swing lifestyle is a lot of fun for single women interested in no strings attached relationships. The lifestyle breaks societal norms and expectations for the single woman letting her have a stress free sex life free of harsh judgment. There is absolutely no cause for worry which adds a unique dose of excitement as swinger clubs are exclusive and private with interactions between like-minded people.

4. Single ladies can be more open about their sexual desires: This is another notable advantage of swinging for single ladies. It is a fact that most women in relationships are more scared than men when it comes to expressing their true sexual desires to their partners because of the fear of being judged harshly. Swinging is a carefree experience from a single woman’s perspective. Single women have the opportunity to be more open about what they want because they are dealing with open minded people with similar mindsets.

5. Offers variety: For a long time, men have been on the receiving end when it comes to sexual variety because of their universally accepted high sexual tendencies. Swinging gives single women, known as unicorns, an opportunity to experience their fair share of sexual variety because they can have as many sexual encounters as possible in swinger clubs without worrying about harsh societal judgments.

Advantages of the Swinglifestyle from a Single Woman's Perspective6. Enhances a single woman’s sex life: The swinglifestyle for single women definitely enhances a woman’s sex by exposing her to different sexual techniques and before committing to a serious relationship. This offers single women all the necessary experience they need to hold a serious monogamous relationship together. There is no better way for a single woman to gain sexual experience other than swinging.


In summary, the above benefits sum up the most common benefits of swinging from a single woman’s perspective. It is clear what single women stand to gain from embracing the lifestyle as a modern alternative to cheating and having affairs.



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