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Man Sends Racy Pictures to Marco Police Officer


Be careful with your selfies. A man accused of sending racy pictures to a South Florida police officer was detained on Sunday. Paul Arnold Kirleis, a 30-year-old from Marco Island initially got in touch with the police to report that he had seen a suspicious vehicle in his neighborhood. A police officer responded to the accused through a phone that was issued by the Marco Island police department. According to the police officer, Paul Arnold Kirleis started sending him messages a short while after their conversation. The officer alleges thatRead More

Man Arrested For Molesting Vending Machine

Goat vending

Florida Swingers and club owners be advised, do not leave your vending machines unattended. This may be why single males are looked down upon in Florida. Before I get in to this blog post, let me just reiterate that I have not heard crazy news like this until I moved to Florida. Apparently Michael Aguiar inserted his body parts and molested a vending machine. Talk about a cheap date. This happened in Palmetto Florida on Sept 2nd according to the Bradenton Herald. Palmetto Police said Michael age 20, denied assaultingRead More