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Newlywed Swingers Or A Swingers Wedding?

Swing Offbeat - Newlywed Swingers Or A Swingers Wedding?
nude wedding

Some swingers have been in the lifestyle many years, some have only just begun to experience what the lifestyle is about. Recently I have received some emails asking me if people need to be married to be called swingers. This answer is a definite no, some people are life partners, some are boyfriend and girlfriend and some are just engaged. In the lifestyle you will come across several different types of people with several different types of relationships. Although swingers are usually thought of as swapping partners, there is so much more in between, like fetishes such as BDSM etc., but that is a whole different blog in itself. Let me just stick to the email questions.

One couple writes in that they are swingers and they needed ideas for a wedding, and asked If they thought they should have their swinger friends attend. This is a good question, and I say, why not have them attend? It’s not like they are going to go spike the punch with viagra so every one is hard on each other.

Swing Offbeat - Newlywed Swingers Or A Swingers Wedding?
nude wedding

Swingers are people too, and I would say yes invited them, if your other friends and family are not aware of your lifestyle, simply tell your swinging friends not to say anything and I am sure they would respect your wishes.

Another question that a couple wrote in was, “should we have a swap or gang bang at our wedding?”
Well, if you are asking should you, then you have obviously thought about doing something kinky for your wedding. I do know of some cases where swingers have had 2 different weddings, one for their family, and one for their swinging friends. Neither of these are wrong, after all the lifestyle is about tolerance, and not judging others. If you want to do something at your wedding, it is your day and no one should tell you how to plan it out. The ultimate decision is yours and yours alone. I do know of some nudists that have totally nude weddings, and they can be fun.

Swing Offbeat - Newlywed Swingers Or A Swingers Wedding?
Swinger Wedding

I also got this question, “where can I have a swinger wedding?” This is a good question, and since i live in Florida and have access to several travel companies I know of one off the top of my head called Topless Travel. This company specializes in swinger travel, and I do know they can book trips to Hedonism II. I believe this place still offers complimentary weddings if you book like a 3 night stay, don’t quote me on that but I do know they were doing that.

Weddings at Hedo are open for all to watch, whether naked or clothed. The bridal party and minister is always dressed at Hedonism II (once a year nude weddings are hosted at Hedonism III — usually around February 14). Guests don’t have to be dressed on the nude beach but some ornament themselves to be festive.

Ceremonies are short and a small reception is held in the piano bar game room. The resort supplies champagne and cake. Weddings are no longer free, but they are still reasonable and the resort staff goes out of their way to ensure the day is special.

In my opinion I would just have a normal wedding and spend some time with the one I love as my partner and soul mate, and have fun with that person that night. But, like I said i am not one to judge, and this is your life, don’t let anyone sway what you want to do, just because it is not everyone’s cup of tea, does not mean it shouldn’t be yours.

With That note, I hope you enjoy this newlywed video I found. That guy kinda looks like Mike Hatcher…..or does he?

Skittles – Newlyweds – Dir. Cousins [Not… by sharetherainbows


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