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Words That Use To Mean Something Else

I remember the days when you could say pretty much anything without being politically correct, racist, or religious. But anyway, remember not so long ago when certain words had different but non offensive meanings ?

Swing Offbeat - Words That Use To Mean Something Else
Wife Swap

Wife swappers have transitioned over the years and been called swingers and people call the act of living, the SwingLifeStyle. Wife swapping use to mean that you would swap wives for sex. Now, TV has a show “Wife Swap” where wives live at another location and does not involve sex.

Whats more? Women can’t just tell their husbands that they are going to the salon to get a “facial“. Some men may question what the hell kind of salon it is ?

Swing Offbeat - Words That Use To Mean Something Else
Did You Blow 2 Trannies ?

Or how about a “tranny” ?? Remember when you could tell your buddy that you blew a tranny? Well you can’t get away with that anymore you have to say “transmission”, look at the photo of the man blowing two tranny’s.

I am sure each and everyone of you reading this, has a Ho or has used a Ho for more than one occasion, maybe even used a Ho while……………..Gardening? Yes spelled HOE, ahh how the meanings have changed.

Gang Bangers is not just a bunch of gang members strolling the neighborhood looking for something to break in. Although I guess it could have a similar meaning as today.

Swing Offbeat - Words That Use To Mean Something Else
ACDC courtesy graphicshunt

ACDC” is not just a rock band from Australia and not an electrical current, but also means: A Person or persons who enjoy sexual activity involving both the same sex and the opposite sex; Also known as Bi- or Bisexual. These swingers tend to be free spirits and enjoy swinger sex more and are more sexually liberated with little to no reservations.

We all have heard of the “backdoor” right? Well this word does not mean a door on your house. This refers to anal sex or intercourse. I remember growing up watching wildlife shows and being fond of cougars. Now that I am older I am still fond of cougars, the ones that have claws, like younger men, scratch your back and wear a leopard dress.

How bout this, “indoor sports” doesn’t involve you watching a football game at home, nope, it is a slang term for swinging activities. Also known as just “Indoor“.

Remember when a “unicorn” was a mystical horse? In swinging, it’s slang for a single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle. Referred to as a “unicorn” because they are so rare.

Swing Offbeat - Words That Use To Mean Something Else
Water Sports? courtesy Ángel Franco/The New York Times

I remember a story that my swinger friend told me once. He said he and his wife were excited because they were invited to a swinger party and they were having a “water sports” event. I won’t get into any detail what happened, but they found out it did not involve jet ski’s.
Water sports, is also referred to as a golden shower. Urination involving sexual stimulation. This would be considered a fetish. Below is a pretty good indication what water sports involves.


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