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Shocking Bisexual Survey

It may come as no surprise that bisexuality has been increasing among women for the past decade. The Center for Disease Control, (CDC) while conducting surveys found that 4% of women had bisexual experiences in 2002. A government survey of American Sexual Practices conducted a survey, in 2005 revealing that 14% of women surveyed age 18-29 reported at least having 1 homosexual experience.

What’s interesting, is that I couldn’t find recent bisexual surveys, but from 2002-2005.  Bisexual curiosity and engagement, rose 3X. If the rise is  consistent at 3X, then about 45% of women in 2011 are bi curious or engaged in a bisexual act.

Bisexual women and single gay and bisexual women enjoy SwingLifeStyle, because most swinger wives are bisexual or curious. Bisexual, gay and single bisexual or gay women can enjoy the lifestyle immensely. Single bisexual women can have play from both the man and woman, and receive all the attention sexually. Single bisexual women in the lifestyle or “Unicorns” as they are called also get into the majority of swinger parties for free as well as drinks for free.

Swing Offbest - Shocking Bisexual Survey
courtesy sex positions pics

I know of one instance where a gay woman wanted to play with the wife, while the husband watched. The good thing about the lifestyle is there are so many different fetishes and no one looks down upon anyone, at least they should not look down on anyone, otherwise they should not be there.

Single women and couples really appreciate that requires single males to become paid members within a week or the single male’s account will be deleted. This cuts down on men that are not serious, men that do not understand the rules of the lifestyle. Several men join the site because they are uneducated and think a swinger wife is obligated and HAS to have sex with whoever. This is not the case and should be left for another discussion.

Swing Offbest - Shocking Bisexual Survey
courtesy sex positions pics allows single women to be more free and liberated in their choices without being bothered or pressured by tons of single men. The single men on the site are limited and the couples are mature. “Single women that are bi curious get the best of both worlds in the Swinglifestyle”

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