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Judgement Day Is Coming, Are You? 5-21-2011

I just found out that Judgement Day is coming, is that like Terminator or like the Bible? OK lets say its coming, are you gonna go out coming too?

I mean come on, first it’s 2012, then it was 2000, and this person or that person will be saved, what if no one is saved? I tell ya what, I think the end is near…………a rear end that is female that Mike Hatcher wants to have that is! Well do you want to die saying oh god save me, or saying oh god harder? -think about it, Mike makes sense!

If you are gonna go out, would you like to go out doing it?? Seriously ? Good ole Mike has put together some very nice swinger party and events happening on that day. I am also asking all swingers to throw a party, invite a friend, do a neighbor, just do someone on that day.

Attorneys Rejoice for The Rapture (courtesy holy taco)

If the rapture does happen, I have news for everyone, there are so many corrupt people(politicians, attorneys etc.) and 99% of the planet, that everyone will be here.That means do not sell off everything, because we will have to go to work the next day. And if the rapture does happen, we will be living hell on earth…………….With Attorney’s and Politicians.

What is the definition of a really bad attorney? A Judge. Yes we are all doomed to live in a real hell on earth. But for those that want to throw a party or enjoy one check out these current swinger parties below:

National Swinger Party List
Details 05/19/11 Swing Break 2011 FL Swing Break
Details 05/19/11 Spring Splash Convention FL South Florida Splash
Details 05/20/11 Spring Splash Convention FL South Florida Splash
Partner Details 05/27/11 Jp’s Memorial Day Weekend National Swingers Bash AR JP_JUSTPARTIES
Partner Details 05/28/11 Temptationsindesire ’11 Group Trip Desire, Cancun MA Temptations Adult Parties
Partner Details 07/06/11 Naughty In N’awlins LA The French Connection
Details 07/14/11 Costa Rica Hotel Take Over AZ Arizona Latin Swingers
Details 07/15/11 Butts, Boobs & Boats Vi TX Butts, Boobs & Boats
Partner Details 10/16/11 Ssc Goes To Hedo In October NY Syracuse Social Club
Details 11/11/12 Lifestyle Group Couples Cruise GA Da Ga Party

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